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On a cold day at the end of a mild winter, more precisely on February 12, the summer of 2018, the Archeo Pšovani was born. An association of passionate detectors from the area of the royal dowry town of Mělník, who feel the sense in the search for artifacts of our common history. And not only when walking through untamed nature and discovering long-forgotten places where our ancestors went in ancient history. But even in the search in historical sources for the context that then people led various circumstances to the same places as us today.

Our search for lost objects often takes us to interesting places that we might not otherwise have noticed. During our quiet walks through the forest, we have already met many times, for example, with a herd of mouflons that grazed not far from us. Observe strange beetles trying to get over a pile of clay piled up by us, or a shrew, which, with its own care, cupped and sniffs cautiously on an already buried excavation. These are all tiny fragments that diversify our search.

It is very interesting to look for historical contexts. Find out what the found objects were used for in their time. What was their function. What was the procedure in their production and experience the unceasing amazement at the skills of long-dead craftsmen.

It would be a shame for the monuments hidden underground to be wasted. They tell about our rich history and culture. For this reason, the Archeo Pšovani association has also established cooperation with the Mělník Regional Museum, where it acquires a wealth of knowledge and interesting information in the search for the origin of artifacts and their useful function.

Among the various scrap and rubbish, you can also find such historical gems as the Roman buckle, silver sinner, old dagger and others. We submit all the findings of interest to the museum. It always warms our hearts when, thanks to us, the museum's collections expand. And so it should be. After all, this is not about the financial, but about the cultural and historical value of the objects.

In thirty years, for example, our grandchildren will visit the museum. They approach the display case and see the inscription in small print: "The exhibit donated ..." and they will see the name of their ancestor, for example, and they will look at the exhibits from a different perspective.

We will be happy to pass on this experience. We will share with you the experience, our findings and the experiences that preceded their discovery.

 Archeo Pšovani z.s.

We love it :-)

We love it :-)

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So it's been almost two years since our club was founded.

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