Příbramsko WZ - about us

The group was founded on January 18, 2018 with the aim of associating or grouping people from Příbram and its surroundings. Of course, it is not a condition to be from Příbram, but we welcome everyone who likes to search or would like to soak up the atmosphere of the search or decide to start, but would like to discuss it directly with someone from the area. If you are interested in joining the group, simply send a PM or write to the group's public chat.

If you are wondering why the group is called "WZ", it is from the word WareZone (translated as combat zone). I used this designation and I use it for leisure activities in the Příbram region. RC modeling, photography, geocaching, etc. So this is not an acronym that would offend or offend someone.

I would not discuss the rules of the group significantly here, just behave decently - after all, we do this hobby with love, so I think that if everyone follows a decent behavior, we never have to solve this problem.


At the same time, if anyone from Příbram is found who would be interested in participating in the moderation of the group, let me know and we will discuss it. If we have any idea for improvement and operation, get in touch as well :). Otherwise, we welcome, for example, some reviews and experiences with detectors with whom you go in the form of a group article.

Lukáš, Icyclaw

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