MDC Šluknovsko

  I would like to introduce our association, but first something about why to start something at all. When I started searching and about three years ago just by chance, just a few days after I bought my first detector and crashed into a depot of Meissen and Prague groschen in our north. I never dreamed it was a rarity. I thought that was a normal condition. But my friend Roman brought me out of this, who told me what to do in case of such finds, and we first dealt with something from the regional museum in Děčín. Then articles about associations and the future of searching in the Czech Republic began to appear on the LP. And we, who sometimes went to the search engines together, began to realize that this could be a way to maintain the search and at the same time learn something about our history, and that way is the cooperation with archaeologists and museums in the area.

Thanks to all this, we put our heads together and despite the labor pains, sometimes it could be said that we also agreed to fatal convulsions and tried to establish a group of people from the Šluknov region who are interested in meeting, searching or chatting from time to time. In the end, we stood at the birth of four and currently have grown to six pieces.
Our effort will be both communication with searchers in the Šluknov promontory, but also closer cooperation with the Děčín or Ústí Museum, where we established our first contacts at the beginning of the year. The Šluknov promontory is quite poor in some great finds, so we hope that in the future we will be able to contribute a little to the mill of knowledge and maybe we will succeed in something we can be rightfully proud of.

For MDC Šluknovsko - Logi

p. s. why MDC? Well to find a meaningful name for the association is sometimes a German. In the end, we were satisfied with the initial letters from the English "Metal Detector Club", how simple.


well it's not beautiful


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