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Celestron Microscope Kit 40-600x junior with USB sensor

In stock 2 pcs

The Celestron Junior Digital Microscope Kit with a magnification of 40x - 600x is an ideal tool for beginning naturalists. Samples can be viewed in this extended version using an additional digital USB camera and displayed directly on your computer. You can save photos and videos from your observations to your computer's hard drive using intuitive software.

Celestron Labs S20 stereoscopic microscope

Arriving Soon

The Celestron Labs S20 is the perfect beginner stereoscopic microscope offered at an economical price.

Celestron Dig II 3.5" TFT 4-1600x LCD Microscope

Last item in stock

The Celestron LCD Digital II 3.5" TFT professional microscope is designed for laboratories, schools, scientific research, professionals and enthusiastic amateurs.

Celestron TetraView 4.3" LCD 40-1600 microscope

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The TetraView professional microscope is a great tool for labs, schools, scientific research or even amateurs who want the best.

Celestron slides ready in set 100pcs

Last item in stock

Set of 100 preparation slides 25 x 76 mm with finished slides in an elegant wooden case.

Celestron slides ready in set 25pcs

Arriving Soon

Selection of 25 samples for examination in the microscope. Various parts of insects, plants, etc.

Celestron digital microscope 5 Mpx magnification 20 to 200x

Arriving Soon

The Celestron digital microscope with base offers a resolution of up to 5 Mpx and a magnification of 20 to 200x. The program gives you the ability to take individual pictures or videos. The microscope offers illumination of the monitored object thanks to adjustable 8 LED diodes. Power and data transfer is via USB 2.0.

Celestron Microscope Labs CM800 40-800x

Arriving Soon

The Celestron Labs CM800 microscope with 40x, 100x, 250x, 400x and 800x magnification is an excellent and affordable tool for home or school laboratories.

Celestron microscope in a plastic case - 28-piece set

In stock 2 pcs

Come discover the world around you that you cannot see with the naked eye. Magnification of the scanned part up to 1200x

Zoom Microscope 100 with LED illumination

In stock > 10 pcs

Handheld pocket microscope with continuous regulation of 60 to 100x magnification.

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