Magnetometer M-Scan from C.Scope. the most successful magnetometer of today

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M-Scan is the most successful magnetometer on the European market today. In the article you will find both a description of the functions and a downloadable English manual in pdf format.

The M-Scan magnetometer is designed to locate deeply buried ferrous objects such as manhole covers, septic tanks, valve boxes, cast iron and steel lines, etc. Iron objects can be detected at much greater depths than conventional metal detectors, regardless of whether the surface is grass, gravel or covered with snow.

Simple operation of the magnetometer

1. Switching on/off
2. Volume up/down
3. Sensitivity up/down
4. Zero button
5. Bar graph
6. Sensitivity indicator
7. Volume indicator
8. Digital signal indicator
9. Power line warning
10. Battery indicator
11. Pipe joint symbol


Detection depth range 5 m - (depending on site conditions and target size)
Net/lead detection - Visual warning of live wires (50-60 Hz)
Zero button function - "Mask background" function to allow operation in the vicinity of another iron signal (typically different fence mesh)
Sensitivity - 4 levels of adjustment
Detection resolution - 20nT
Display - Numerical indication of signal amplitude, multi-segmented bar graph, polarity indicator, zero crossing indicators, battery status and 50-60 Hz electric field warning
Audio - 8 volume levels, including mute. Frequency (pitch) varies with signal amplitude. Built-in speaker and 3.5mm jack connector for standard headphones.
Sensor spacing - 0.5m
Overall length - 1.09m
Sensor section length - 0.73m
Housing construction - Highly durable ABS (water and dust resistant to IP65)
Sensor constructionPart Construction - Aluminum sandwich epoxy (waterproof and dustproof to IP66)
Protector ConstructionTip protection structure - Highly durable thermoplastic elastomer
Battery - 8x1.5V cells, type AA, LR6 or equivalent. Alkaline cells are recommended
Battery life - 100 hours with typical intermittent use
Weight - 1.3 kg (with batteries)
Operating temperature: -20 to +50ºC
Storage temperature: -30 to +70ºC (batteries must be removed for storage at extreme temperatures)
Transport bag and alkaline batteries included
Magnetometer page on LP: M-Scan Magnetometer

Magnetometer manual C.Scope M-Scan (Free pdf download. Download the manual by clicking on the image)

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