New metal detector Minelab Manticore - The perfect beast!

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Premiere of the new metal detector Minelab Manticore in the EU, at the Master Search Engine 2022 on Friday 2.9.2022

Package contents Minelab Manticore

First information released by Minelab

Manticore is our most powerful detector. It works faster and more accurately even in the harshest conditions. Manticore delivers performance and accuracy not previously possible.

MULTI IQ+: A revolutionary technology from Minelab, it has 50% more power than traditional models and is the most powerful multi-frequency detector on the market.

Speed: Identify your targets quickly and accurately so you can efficiently sort between wanted and unwanted targets. The detector has exceptional separation properties.

2D ID: Accurate visual and audio identification of targets.

PERFECT SEARCH MODES: More than 10+ preset search modes with the ability to customize to your needs..

Powerful yet lightweight. Made of the highest quality materials. With a weight of 1.3 kg and waterproof to 5 meters.


INCREASED IMMUNITY TO EMI: In harsh environments, uses enhanced EMI suppression, higher sensitivity to identify targets (emi - electromagnetic interference - interference)

CHOICE OF COILS: Comes with M11 (11" round 2D coil).Additional probes are M8 (8x5.5" 2D and M15 (15x12" 2D). (I'm especially looking forward to the 8:) ).

LCD backlight with automatic adjustment, keyboard backlight, flashlight and handle vibration.

CLEAR SOUND: The built-in external speaker has perfectly clear sound. The detector comes with wireless headphones.

BUILT TO LAST: Three-year warranty with software upgrade option.

Manticore pre-orders have been launched:

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