New metal detectors Fisher F75 V2.0 and F75 Ltd V2.0

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The1st and oldest company among metal detectors, founded in 1931 near San Francisco by German physicist Dr. Gerhard FISHER, is now coming out with a major innovation of its best and most powerful detector F75 a F75 LTDThe new versions of these successful and popular models with the Fisher F75 V2.0 a F75 Ltd V2.0 bring several technological changes and improvements that result in especially quiet operation and unprecedented stability even at high/maximum sensitivity settings .

Detektor kovů Fisher F75 V2

The credit for this goes to the DST system - Digital Shielding Technology; in English it would probably be best translated as digital shielding. This anti-noise filter is mainly used in places with high levels of EMI - Electro Magnetic Interference. It is encountered wherever there are sources of this interference. In general, these are all transmitters, whether TV, radio, telephone, high voltage sources, train tracks or electric fences. But there are also more tangible things like microwaves, television and radio receivers, fluorescent lighting and even ordinary mobile phones.
For those who believe, or have experienced, that any filters and filtering can, under certain conditionsdetector's performance/depth of field and therefore does not want to use any filters, there is a simple option to turn the DST on or off. This is done by selecting either software version 9.0 (DST on) or 9.1 (off ) during the reset process.

The second new feature is the addition of a super fast program, Process FA, designed to search sites with high concentrations of ferrous waste. Its main advantage is the excellent and unparalleled separation , with which comes the search efficiency. The disadvantage is that this program is not as deep as the others, which is of course not its purpose, because on such sites we findThe main purpose of the search on such sites is the possibility and ability to find small objects disguised by iron, such as coins, jewellery and fragments thereof, and old artefacts. In other words, a prospector must know what he is doing, but in addition to that he needs a good metal detector with the capacity to undertake such a task.

A useful innovation that most diggers will welcome and use is the FeTone™ function.After the variable 2F tone, 3 more variants are added with different volume for irons, namely 2h (approximately 70%), 2L (40%) and 2o (0%). The ability to mute your tone response for iron by 60% (this is the value I found when testing the prototype F75 Ltd V2.0 I chose and liked) and let the color tones sound full, is a feature that makes the upgraded metal detector F75a quiet and friendly worker and friend.

The last interesting change from the existing versions of the detectors Fisher F75 is the ability to select the tone pitch for non-ferrous metals, not only in ALL METAL search mode, but also in DISCRIM. In the current models, although the tone height can be set in the right menu column of ALL METAL, this setting applies only to the All-Metal search. F75 V2.0 a F75 V2.0 the pitch setting is also transferred to the DISCRIM mode and every modern treasure hunter gets the opportunity to select the tone of his own choice and preference.

Before I started writing this post, I spent a total of about 8 hours testing the new detector F75 Ltd V2.0 in the field. Firstly, I tested how it behaves and what it can do in a sandpit near the house where we live and secondly, on the weekend in Slapy, where we have a cottage right by the water. It is normally only about 20 meters from the Vltava river bank, but since the river is lowered by about 2-4 meters every autumn, the dam looks like a drained pond in many places with a gentle bank. And this is exactly our case, thanks to which the water disappears to a certain extent every winter and one can then walk through the former fields, see the foundations of the buildings flooded by the dam, theinto one of the small bunkers built before the war to protect the crossing of the Vltava, and in our case even walk along the old road once connecting two villages on the opposite bank of the river (there used to be a ferry at the end of the road).

Test detektoru na Slapech

What this means for every chronic digger I don't need to elaborate further ... For me the drained dam was a great way to test a brand new metal detector. It made me feel a bit like a knight, but unlike him I was not holding a sword in each hand, but a metal detector. Since I've been walking around with F75 or "Eltetech" and I think I know it perfectly, I wanted to try it out for myself and see how it stood up to the new F75 Ltd V2.0. Every "colour" signal received was responded to by my proven Fisher F75 LTD I marked and then checked with the new F75 Ltd V2.0. To avoid the possibility of one of the detectors being more sensitive and not picking up some small object (fishing lures of all sizes including half-moonhooks, glitter and their parts, carabiners, rings and other small items left by fishermen and their rods, as well as coins of different ages, buttons, etc.), after a while I tossed the detectors and first marked the targets with F75 Ltd V2.0 and then verified them with the old LTD.

Test detektoru na Slapech

And how did it all turn out? After this proper testing I can say that both 2 models, both F75 LTDas well as the new Ltd V 2.0 have the same performance, the same depth capacity, comparable separation capabilities and the efficiency of the motionless Pin Point tracking. Not to forget - I set both detectors the same way and to the following values:
Sensitivity = 80
Disc. Level = 1
Notch = 1 (off - never on)
Tones = 2F
Process = JE
Threshold = -1

When searching with your F75 though, I usually use the dE program and then use the Disco to turn on (0-4) or off (5,6) the preamp depending on interference and circumstances . I don't often use the JE program, precisely because the preamp is still plugged in and I can't change the level of interference that easily. And this actually gets to the biggest difference between the two versions Fisher F75. Running the new F75 V2.0 is so quiet thanks to the applied DST technology (even at maximum Sensitivity) that there was no need to turn the preamp on or off by adjusting Disco 0-4 and 5+. With the new version V2.0, it is therefore easier to set up and you don't have to think so much. Program JE means the preamplifier is on and dE means off. But I couldn't find this anywhere, so I wanted to check with the manufacturer to make sure that I'm not mistaken and that this is indeed the case. So I wrote to the head of the company Fisher Research Labs First Texas Gene Sculli, because he was one of the international testers of prototype detectors. Fisher really interested in me, he called me back a little while later. We discussed back all the features and processes, what to set up, etc. However, he didn't know the answer to my question about the preamplifier, and neither did Mike Scott, another one of the outspoken practitioners whom many of us met in person at Mr. Search 2013 and 2014. Eventually he promised to go directly to the developers and ask them. When he wrote me back a few days later and told me that I was right, I felt like a master of the globe for a moment and might have cracked up if my daughter and her violin playing hadn't distracted me in the meantime and helped me sober up. This is just to explain the reason I tested both metal detectors in the JE program, although I normally search in dE. But I wanted to test both detectors with the preamp on, hence the higher power and range, hence the JE process setting. By the way, anyone who has a detector Fisher F75 has and "knows" how to use it, knows how really important is the mutual adjustment of Discu and Sensitivity in DISCRIMINATION mode, or even Theshhod in ALL METAL.For the new F75 V2.0 new METAL, this is more or less out of the question, although we will surely come across some other tricks in time. Finally, if I don't want to look like the usual test dumbass (and there are enough of those on the internet, so why extend their ranks ...) I should at least mention what I like about the new upgraded V2. 0 detector Fisher F75 Ltd I don't like, dislike and what I could say seems worse than the current model. I can't really think of anything major, except maybe the price (which will be higher due to the export and sales prices - unfortunately). F75 V2.0 it will cost CZK 26.990,- and F75 Ltd V2.0 then 29.990,- CZK). And then maybe a little bit and the Discrimination feature - the differentiation of metals. But this may well be only my subjective view.

I dare to claim that my detectorFisher 75 I really know ... and then there's my notorious laziness, which makes me think whether to dig or not. If someone woke me up in the middle of the night, put headphones on my head and yelled "iron or paint", I'd probably be wrong most of the time. Well, that may be the main reason why I felt more confident in the accuracy of the smallest color distinction with the existing F75 LTD than with the new V2.0. It's probably understandable though, because the pitch adjustment, even in DISCRIM mode, makes the tone not quite the same as what I'm used to with my LTD. I think that the new version of the detector Fisher F75 V2.0 a F75 Ltd V2.0 is really good and will be welcomed by all detectorists who, despite their proverbial modesty, always need only the best.

Pavel - Detektorcentrum

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Parádně napsáno :-) mám "starou" F75ltd. a nemůžu si jí vynachválit :-)
ta novinka vypadá pěkně:-)


Ja si pockam na tu prevratnou novinku na zacatek leta. Jenom doufam ze bude lepsi. F75 je dobrej a nedocenenej stroj.

Napřed osobní poznámka to Jezevec: Hele, nekal vodu. Taky budeš jednou doma. :-)
Tak, a teď k tomu zásadnímu.
Pavle, jsem rád že Fisher se zase posunul, už tak to bylo eňoňuňo, jasně. Kluci okolo co tady máme ho chodí, a mě se to taky líbí, podporuju je co můžu, je to prostě slušná značka.

Elmaro na to leto mi jeden rezervuj.


Chodim Fisher F5 s ultimate cievkou a nestazujem sa je to velmi,velmi dobry stroj. Pred tym som mal XP Adventis II a uplne na zaciatku Whites model si uz nepametam, viem, ze bol dobry tak akurat na kable v stene a bez diskriminacie. :-D to som sa kurna nakopal jak taky vol, ale spet.Kedze som s Fisherom spokojny, nad touto F 75 silno rozmyslam, len ked je taky vyber.1.Chcem sa opytat aky je rozdiel F 5 a F 75. 2. Rozmyslam este nad Minelab E Trac a XP Deus a touto masinkou. Co by ste doporucili ???? Dik za nazory ;-) a rady

Moc zajímavej a poučnej článek..Tak to má vypadat

to Pavel Divis: paráda, zajímavá novinka, zajímavý detektor. Jen taková malá chybička ve slově Shielding. Jinak osobně bych to přeložil spíš jako Technologie digitálního stínění. 8-)

luki87 ja ti radim 75Ltd mal som ho pomer vykon,skladnos vaha, vydrz bat, a ked mas F5 by som isiel do F. no len moj nazor ;-)

já přemýšlím nad první řadou tak kdyby jste někdo prodával za rozumnej peníz 75 - 75LTD , dejte echo do schránky ;-)

F-75 mě láká dlůho,jednů se k němu snad dostanu,kluk co ju tady chodí, má slušné nálezy na slušných lokalitách.Těch detíků co bych rád pochodil je celá řada,nedávno sem se díval na F-19.Chtěl sem se zeptat jak si vede F-19 oproti F-75? Jinak u těchto detíků je přístup k výměně baterek jedničkový,taky váha dost dobrá.Ptám se samozřejmě pokud si detík měl v ruce,tu F-19.Nebo jestli se chystáš? Za odpověd dík,pifin.

Zajímalo by mě, zda je možný upgrade F75ltd na vyšší verzi. Z příspěvku vyplývá, že se jedná o software úpravu, tak by to neměl být problém. Myslím, že každý majitel za to rád zaplatí. Dík za odpověď.

Zeťák ho plánuje i když má Fisher F-70 a je dost hodně spokojenej. F-70 kupoval v sezóně 2012 ale znáte to ... když je něco novýho má cuky jít do toho.
jediný kde si od FISHERA nabyl čunmák byl Fisher F-5 se kterým v roce 2011 začínal a díky kterýmu skoro i skončil .... F-5 byl podle něj nepovedenej detík v tom že se nedal dobře nastavit-vyladit a docela lhal a problém v železu = byl jako KRTKET.....
ale po pořízení F-70 na radu známýho je vysmátej, ale ta nová F-75 Ltd ho asi nemine.
zdar všem hledačům = AŤ SE DAŘÍ !!!!
to : PAVEL-DIVIS ----- má jít zeťák do F-75 Ltd nebo ještě počkat a zůstat věrnej F-70 se kterým je absolutně spokojenej ??

Takže upgrade je a není drahý. Pro zajímavost, dá se upgradovat i obyčejná F75 na ltd:). Jistě dobrá zpráva pro mnohé, za pár kaček nové dělo:)
Link na stránky výrobce:

to msf: jo, to nechá, ale za 309$, což je bratru necelejch 7 litrů + poštovné tam.

Tomisek: to se Ti zdá moc? Z obyčejného F75 ( třeba 10 let starého ) dostaneš nejmodernější Fischer! Navíc ti, co mají už teď ltd, dají jen cca 150 USD. Možná námět pro místní prodejce, můžete něco udělat pro své zákazníky a třeba zorganizovat hromadnou zásilku.

msf: jo ale furt budeš mít starej obouchanej detektor , a jen v něm přehrátej soft.

Já Ti to nenutím. Ale osobně si myslím, že je to jen a jen o tom software. na tom ostatním není moc co vylepšovat, za ty prachy.

to msf: to je právě otázka. Myslíš že se změny týkaly pouze software? Já se domnivám, že s velkou pravděpodobností proběhla i revize HW s tím, že nový SW je pro starý HW zpětně kompatibilní. Takže ano, můžeš mít nejnovější verzi SW, ale je otázka, jestli ten starý křáp bude plně srovnatelný, co se týká stability a výkonu, s novým detektorem.

Přečti si jejich web. Detektory jsou opravdu ( jejich vlastnosti a funkce ) z 95 % o SW nad daným HW. Pokud je HW kvalitně udělán, nic se měnit nemusí - Tedy kabely, tyčky, elektronika a podobně. Cívka je vyměnitelný díl nezávislý na zbytku strojku:)

msf - ještě si tam připočti clo který Ti tady za cestu z améru napálí jen to fikne .. a nebude to zrovna drobák. Minimálně pro Evropany je ta nabídka myslím celkem nevýhodná. Než dát takovou pálku a obstrukce kolem "jen" za přehrátí softu, být majitelem Fišera asi bych ho tady radši prodal, přihodil to co stejně zaplatíš za upgrade a poštu, plus něco málo k tomu a pořídil si fungl nový , s plnou zárukou a novými součástkami . ;-)

Tak jo, já vám to kolegové nenutím. :-) Jestli je pálka 150 USD a režie, neumím si představit co pálka není:).
Mi to prostě připadá přiměřené.

Přehrání SW

Řešili jsme to a bylo by to možné. Asi by to chtělo aby se sešlo několik detektorů, aby to mělo smysl posílat. Ale problém to není. ;-)

elmara- ta myšlenka je zajímavá. Asi bych do toho šel, ale zatím mě odrazuje administrativa kolem toho tak že bych určitě něco takového uvítal. Pochopitelně se to možná trochu prodraží ale i to je otázka.

Kdesi som objavil že tieto úpravy robia aj na Tekneticse T2.Pridaju tam bost proces,cache proces,niekoľko úrovní hlasu železa a ešte nejaké digitalne tienenie.Nerozumiem tomu celkom ale asi to budu robiť toto všetko na aj T2 aj fisher75 o čom je tu debata.

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