Royal jewels from Mšece and Řevničov

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After the first mention in the media and the subsequent presentation on the LP website, I have been closely following everything around this find. I took the information that a publication would be prepared in time, because such gems are not found every day. My idea was that it would be a booklet in A5 format, full of detailed photographs, a description of the find with a comparison ofwith a comparison with finds in Bohemia, something about the tests carried out on them and something about the history of the area where the jewels were found. Over time, as I gathered information about the preparation, I got the impression that this would not be the case and that what was being prepared would be of a much larger and more piquantly detailed nature. Today I have the book at home and am slowly biting off chapter after chapter, pausing frequently to look atover and over again all the wonderful gems of all the finds published in this book. Although I am not at the end yet, I could already write my personal evaluation. It is a good one and I highly recommend it to everyone, but that would be untrue. It is good for three, so rightly it should be.

"It's excellent and I highly recommend it to everyone.

You can order the book on the website of the T.G.M. Museum in Rakovník.

Of course, my thanks go to the finders for their access and to the archaeologist Kateřina Blažková and her team for this luxurious book.

Sincerely Martin

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