The most beautiful find of May 2024 - qualification

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It has to be said that April's round of the most beautiful find of the month is 99.99% decided, and by a margin I would expect to find a large lump of gold rather than an ornate bronze knife. But thanks to that, we can start qualifying for May today, and since there were a lot of finds in May, there is a lot to choose from.

The winner of this round can look forward to a new metal detector Teknetics Minuteman and we'll draw one lucky owner of a Pro Find 20 tracker from Minelab from everyone who took the time to post their suggestion here.

As always, please suggest your top 5 finds for the month of May and post them in the discussion as you see it here in the article - suggestions from Elmary.

Qualifying ends on Tuesday 4.6.2024 at 15:00h

Top 5 by Elmara

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Řekl bych, že soutěž o nejkrásnější nález května má jasného vítěze ještě před samotným zahájením hlasování.

Nechcete to zvednout na TOP 10? :)))



TOP 5 lukegrošš

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4. -

5. -

Ogaři, ta kvalifikace končila v úterý 4.6.2024 v 15h 🤷‍♂️🤭😁

Aha, a já měl takovou radost, že jsem to stihnul. O den jsem se nějak posunul. Nu, což. Tak to budu muset být příští měsíc rychlejší.

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