Treasure from Domoušice or Luxury from the South

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13 February 2024 to 18 February 2024

For just six days, the Regional Museum in Žatec plans to exhibit the treasure found some time ago during a detector survey near Domoušice. It is a unique set of gilded belt fittings in Byzantine style. The belt represented the elite position of its owner within the social hierarchy of the time. The complete belt was decorated with more than forty metal parts including belt hole fittings. In addition to the belt, a bronze pewter pendant, which was part of a luxurious female necklace, was also found in the Domoušice depot. Similar ornaments were always intended for women of the social elite of the time. This is the first discovery of such jewellery north of the Alps, as similar pendants were previously known only from finds in Croatia and western Macedonia. The unique set of luxury items is dated to the second third of the 8th century.

On February 15 at 5:00 pm there will be a lecture by Nadia Profantova, who will present the find.

Regional Museum K. A. Polánek
Husova 678, Žatec

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Škoda, je to pro mě v blbém termínu. Jinak bych se na Naďu i nález rád podívat. Mohu ale jenom doporučit, tohle bude stát za to :)

Zajímalo by mně kde se to našlo v Domoušich

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