What didn't archaeologists find? - exhibition

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From 8 February to 24 March 2024

The aim of the exhibition is to present the phenomenon of amateur collaborators in East Bohemian archaeology across time and to introduce one of the most important amateur searchers, Jan Klen.

The exhibition, housed in four of Kotér's original display cases, will be divided into several parts.

The first part (and more comprehensive) will present the person of Jan Klen, one of the most important amateur archaeologists of the last century. You will get acquainted with his personality, his family circumstances, you will also learn about the persecutions by the past regime but also about Klen's research on the Stone Age.

The second part will focus on the present, especially on the issue of so-called detectorists, i.e. amateur searchers equipped with metal detectors. The results of their cooperation with the Museum of East Bohemia in Hradec Králové will be presented. Their most significant discoveries, which were added to our museum collections in 2023, will be exhibited.

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