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16 Mar 2009 Treasure from the 18th century found under the latrine

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The container containing 4.5 kilograms of coins was found under a dry toilet by a builder from Šurany in southern Slovakia. The money dates back to the rebellion of Francis II. Rákóczi. Experts eventually counted 1,725 copper coins.

The treasure was dug up by the owner of the house, Peter Havlík, under a dry toilet. According to the experts, the depot is of great numismatic value and is interesting because of the number of copper coins.

When Havlik kicked the ground, the clay pot with the coins shattered. "While digging under the latrine, construction worker Peter Havlik used a shovel to hit the unknown pot. He smashed the pot to pieces and coins began to spill out of it. They even spilled out of the shovel," Miroslav Eliáš, the administrator of the Šurany City Museum, said at the time.

The value of the treasure was around eight and a half thousand euros. Rákóczi's reign between 1704 and 1707. They were minted in Kremnica, as evidenced by the KB mark.

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Copper half-turns were not worth much in their time. "When the army left, they were almost worthless. This may be the reason why the owner buried the depot," Števko noted. Thirteen years ago, when Havlík found the treasure, the value of the coin in question was around five euros. At that time, it was 135 crowns.

Vladimír Bíroš of the Ponitran Museum said it was strange that someone had buried such coins. "Rákóczi did not have much money because he fought a long war with the Habsburgs. Copper coins were not worth much at that time. It is strange that someone buried them," Bíroš believes.

The last time such a treasure was found in the Nitra region was twenty years ago. Even in the same part of Šuran. Coins from the fifteenth century were unearthed in the local church. Historical coins were also found a few years ago in the centre of Michalovce, where workers digging a gas connection came across a clay pot with 500 silver coins from the sixteenth century.

Sources: www.cas.sk, www.idnes.cz

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