222 years old coin near the church

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The historically significant coin was found by metal detectorist Shane Houston near the church. It's a copper cent from 1798. It's the first U.S. federal penny.

A man discovered a 222-year-old coin with a metal detector just a short walk from a church in Maine, USA. It's located on the east coast of the United States, in the New England area. The media has also released the identity of the lucky man, who is Shane Houston hailing from Charlotte (North Carolina). He came across the coin during a prospector's walk. He was accompanied by a friend from New Hampshire, who also goes searching with a metal detector.

Maine is one of the most sought-after places by metal detectorists. When you see one of them, they say it's not unusual at all. They find mostly worthless items that mean nothing to most people, but are often of great value to the prospector. And that's the case with Houston. He, too, found junk.

Shane Houston discovered a copper penny from 1798. It's the first U.S. federal small coin to be minted in a large mintage. "I found the coin when I was searching around the Embden church. Of course, I got a permit to go there with a metal detector," Houston said.

He found the coin in early October. The copper cent is in worse condition. The finder could get up to $200, but he won't sell the coin. Nearby, Houston also found an 1818 cent, a wagon wheel and a musket ball. The cent generally changed shape several times in the U.S. before they started minting the likeness of the 16th U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln.

Some 18th century American coins can fetch up to three thousand dollars at auction. It's said to be admirable that the finder even noticed the coin. It was clogged and had to be thoroughly cleaned. The coin was designed by Robert Scot of the Philadelphia Mint and Gilbert Stuart, who was known for his portraits of George Washington.

The cent was struck six years before the new coinage rules came into effect in the US and the dollar was officially consecrated as a unit of currency. According to old legend, the first coins were made from the silver of Martha Washington, wife of US President George Washington and First Lady of the United States. Two years ago, a 1792 coin was auctioned for a whopping one million dollars.

The found cent is worth much less. That's because of the condition in which Houston found it. "It doesn't matter at all, the coin is worth a lot to me and I'll put it in my collection. About 99 percent of the things I find have absolutely no value. I just love searching, it's great exercise and therapy," the happy finder added.

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Paráda :-P :-)

To poslední foto, nenašel by ani truhlu 20 čísel pod povrchem. Nejspíš ilustrační foto.

Tak nějak mě ty US mince neberou, páč husiti tu meď měli o pár století dříve. ;-)

Když si člověk uvědomí že má doma krejcarů 1800 a starších kýbl, tak ty Američany trochu lituje :-D

JohnDeeere-To si přesně taky říkám.Jak to není starý aspoň 300 let tak je to víceméně běžný.Nedavno jsem koukal na Australáky jak běhali po poušti zlato brali po gramech/desítkách gramů ale radost jim udělali knoflíky a mince z dob zlaté horečky(cca1850-1900).

To je pravda. Teď jsem na par měsíců v Kalifornii a zatím co jsem našel jsou mince který porad platí. Nic staršího než 50-60 let. Zlatý český pole. Doufám ze ve vnitrozemí budu mít větší štěstí.

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