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23. 7. 2016 Shrine with carved faces

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An interesting discovery was made five years ago in Bulgaria, where there is a sanctuary with huge faces carved into the rocks. Experts say it's about five thousand years old. It's located near the town of Sarnitsa.

These beautiful rock formations are located in the Eagle Rocks. Photographer Miroslav Chobanov discovered four faces carved into the rocks and a prehistoric stone shrine with an altar. It dates back to the fourth century BC, i.e. the Copper Age.

The photographer came across the interesting-looking rocks while exploring the ecological trails. "Suddenly I saw a face carved into the rock. So I took out my climbing gear and climbed to a height of about forty meters," Chobanov recalled.

He called archaeologists to the site. They subsequently confirmed that the rock had been transformed into a sanctuary between 3500 and 3000 BC. Two archaeologists, Anna Raduncheva and Stefanka Ivanova, came to this conclusion. They found old pottery at the site, which they used to date the site.

The research lasted three days. The archaeologists found two more faces carved into the rocks. "One was female and the other male. They were preserved like the previous two faces. Each was up to forty metres above the ground and up to ten metres in height. They are beautiful," the archaeologists agreed.

Everyone probably wonders why someone hadn't noticed the faces long ago. They can only be seen from a certain angle. They are also located really high up in the rocks, which is not exactly easy to get to.

On top of that, researchers have discovered what looks like an altar. There are no traces of iron tools anywhere, so the faces were probably carved by people with stone tools.

Experts have confirmed that this is indeed the work of man. The archaeologists say that people undertook such arduous work because they were observing the constellation of the position of the heavenly bodies. The sanctuaries served as astronomical observatories.

Sources: www.national-geographic.cz, www. archaeologyinbulgaria.com

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