New probe for CTX 3030 Coiltek 14x9

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Coiltek introduced its new 14x9" reel last month in the USA. The probe is manufactured directly with Minelab and Coiltek is using all of their patents and technology. In fact, you could almost say it's similar to having Minelab outsource the production of this probe to Coiltek. (unless that's what really happened). The probe combines very good separation properties with an increase in depth. The coil has been tested by a number of prospectors around the world over the past few months and all without exception have been really impressed. We had the opportunity to speak directly with Gordon Haritag (a Minelab tester who was on the Master Searcher last year) who spoke in absolute superlatives about the probe.

I have to say that the coil definitely caught my eye as well, as the original 17" is too big for most of my searches in iron-clogged fields. The weight of the spool is 880g, size 36,5x24 ,5 cm. The probe is waterproof and the coil cover is included. The price of the coil is 9900 CZK which is quite a lot. Here you have to take into account that the coil does not contain only a "bundle of wire", but part of the detector.

The coils will be available at the end of March, but it is already possible to make a pre-order. The first three owners of the new coils will also receive a CTX 3030 bottom rod as a gift .

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Trevor je fakt borec :). Bylo by super, kdyby se dostali na Mistra hledače. I když tedy s Australe to mají hodně z ruky :-).

Dnes by mělo proběhnout také představení na FB stránce firmy:

Rozměrově se mi hodně líbí. Jsem zvědavý,jak bude chodit.

Sem zvedavej na cenu...tipuju kolem 10tis..jako všechny cívky na CTX...líbí se mi a hodně ale cena rozhodne :-D

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