Scattering of Polish groschen

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As it happens, I've planned a search with my buddies again for the weekend. Me, David and Brabba went in a squad. We'd had the spot picked out since last time. The old quite inconspicuous path had already let something go the week before. Two Saxon grosz, 3kr. Ferdinand III and 1/24 thaler. David then 6kr.1849,10kr. FJI, a Polish poltorak and 2 Ag. So the place is quite nutritious.

I was full of anticipation to see how the journey would continue. After about an hour and about 300 meters the first Agcko falls, again a Saxon groschen. It's strange, I've already got 3 and all about 50m apart. The whole path and surrounding area is pretty much covered in iron, so it's slow going looking for any hint of paint, a bullet here and there, a button and the bottom of a shotgun cartridge. However, after about 3 hours of nothing, suddenly a disco with ID around 14-16. So I kicked the ground and a little below the surface a thin speck was peeking at me. I'm thinking to myself, this looks promising.

A quick glance to check if it's not some crap, but the edges show a copy in typical pearl, as is usual for 17th century coins. I wave again, again lots of signals, satisfied I immediately take out more and more coins, they look the same so I don't even check and throw them in the pile. I take out my phone and start spinning. It's clear there's more to come. Around the 6th coin, I start to realize that it's kind of weird and that somehow the silver isn't coming out of the coins. I take one of the coins and start to check what it is. My first thought is that they are all left-handed and therefore are period fakes, and that someone was tricked into throwing their coins away in anger. I thought, well, maybe he got some silver ones mixed in.

However, after I found two with holes, it was clear to me that even the original owner must have known that the coins were not quite right. I hastily found all that had a relatively nice signal.
However, the find spot was pretty heavily infested with iron, so after I took out all that had a nice signal, I slowed down a bit and took out a few more.
In cases like this, it's still a good idea to try to walk the site from multiple sides. A lot depends on the relative spacing of coins and iron, so if you cross the target from one side the iron may mask the coin, however this is not necessarily true if you cross from another side.

Slightly disappointed, I packed everything up and flew home to see what I actually got. To my surprise, when I looked up the coin in the catalog, I found that it was actually almost normal condition for this coin. Oddly enough, most of the coins in the catalog are also copper, Ag being only a minimal percentage. Sometimes there are silver plated variants, so it's hard to tell what is actually a period fake and what was normal for this coin. Another interesting thing is that quite a few of these coins have a hole in them, so it can be assumed that people knew they wouldn't be quite right even when they were valid. From what I've heard, it was the invalid and fake coins that were nailed to the beam so others could see what to watch out for.

More interesting info on this coin: (about 1/2 page in)
If you have any knowledge of these coins too, feel free to share in the comments.

Video tracking

Used EQ 800 settings
Field1,GB-AUTO,2T,tone division from ID1, speed 4, IB1, SENS 20 to 22. I wanted to take a quiet look so I walked really quiet. I didn't push the detector to any extreme.

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Luxusní zážitek, parádní mince! Gratulace! ;-)

Super Petře
Každý depot potěší :-)

Paráda :-)

Super nález, díky Petře.

Hezký článek, děkuji. :-)

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Číňani už kopírujou Equinox 800? :-O

To je japonština :-)

Parádní depůtek,skvělé video-gratuluji.Chodíš velmi podobné nastavení jako já na své 800. :-) :-) :-)

Kurťáku neboj, poslal bych ti varování :-D :-D

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