They searched for 15 minutes, stumbled upon a lifetime discovery of 14 Bronze Age axes

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A father and son using metal detectors found an extraordinary set of bronze axes while searching a field near Dorchester. Some were lying shallow underground, one axe had even been brought to the surface by ploughing. The vital find and the site are now being investigated by archaeologists.

Fifty-two-year-old Martin Turner and his 18-year-old son Rhys were exploring a field they had never searched before in June. However, it wasn't long before they made their first amazing discovery: 'I couldn't believe what we had found. I knew they (the axes) were old, but I didn't realise how old," Father Martin commented on the find to the BBC.

"We were only there for a quarter of an hour before we found the first one," he explained. "Then I dug it up and I knew it was an old axe so I called my boy and said 'you won't believe what I found'. And when he came to me, his detector beeped right behind my back and I told him he better dig it up. I turned the detector on again, walked to the side and not half a metre away was another axe. When we put them all together and took pictures, there was one axe on the ground about a metre away," Mr Turner said.

"People spend their whole lives trying to get one of these things on their bucketlist and he was involved in the discovery of 14 of them," said the proud father. "The feeling when you hold those axes for the first time in 4,500 years - you're the first person to hold them in such a long time... There's a thrill in that," added Martin, who would like to see the artefacts displayed at Dorchester Museum because "they are part of local history".

The axes will be examined and later judged by the coroner - probably to be defined as treasure. The exact location of the find is being kept secret for now until a detailed archaeological survey of the area is carried out. Dorchester Museum has already expressed an interest in the axes and hopes to acquire them for its public collections.


part of the axes after their discovery

in the field after the discovery


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