Rumors of treasures

Giants of Jitrovník (Poacher)

Giants gathered on and around Jitrovník. They formed wild and raw hordes. They led a lush and extravagant, not quiet, decent life. People were afraid to confront them and avoided them. A bowling alley with nine skittles and six balls of pure gold was used to cheer up the giants at Jitrovník. They feasted and played while playing skittles. Everyone cursed scary and mocked God and people. On November 1, All Saints' Day, they ran their mischief long into the night. But even more cheerful and furious than before. The moon shone above Jitrovník. Then the moon finally opened, a fireball appeared in the sky. It flew down, smashing and hammering golden balls, skittles and giants into the ground. Even today, lumps of gold lie below Jitrovník and are waiting for their finder. Who will find them?

Treasure in Hrazený hill

As in other hills of our region, there is a rich treasure hidden in Hrazený. This treasure can only be obtained by one who was born on Sunday, the day of the solstice. However, the heart of the mountain opens only to him after sending a magic incantation. Then he sees a big golden duck sailing on the silver waves, which has a greater value than all the kingdoms of the world. and they will be a blessing to the whole region

Treasures on Partyzánský hill

There is a legend connected to Partyzánský vrch (formerly Počin), which says that rich treasures are hidden inside the hill, which can be picked up only by those who will be here on May Sunday just at the time when they will be read in the passion church. Here a hill opens and everyone can enter it and take as much of the treasures as they can carry. However, they must not stay there longer than the passion lasts, otherwise the hill will close and the person in question must wait inside for the next May Sunday. Suddenly she saw a wide hole in the rock, which could be seen into the interior of the mountain. Seeing the many treasures and thinking about her poverty, she longed to take something for herself. She sat the child on a stump, entered a cave, and took a full apron from a pile of gold coins, and then hurried out. But her child was gone, and no matter how much she called, she didn't find him again. She clasped her hands in despair, all her gold looking and disappearing without a trace. Poorer than before and with bitter grief in her heart, she returned home because she lost her only child in her desire for wealth. A rock suddenly opened in front of her, and when she looked into the cave, she saw her child running toward her, healthy and lively. She held a beautiful, large apple in her hand and carried another in her apron. The mother grabbed her baby and quickly ran out of the cave, which immediately closed behind them. When she came home panting and wanted to store apples, she turned to pure gold.

About the treasure in Vlčice

Almost every hill, every mountain in the northern tip of our district has its treasure, which has been hidden here by either robber knights, timid people, or terrible magicians - and all of them are now guarded by Satan himself or his servants. Only the right magic formula or an innocent human soul can succeed in picking them up.

However, the treasures are usually found only at midnight, rarely in bright daylight. The only exception is May Sunday, when during the passions they emerge from the depths of the earth and can be picked up very easily.

One of the hills where a huge gold and silver treasure rests for many years is Vlčice, 512 m high, south of Šluknov. The whole region knew about him very well - as did the two brothers from Kunratice, who taught the little, gray man daily his extensive and long tales, which were able to open the gates of the earth.

One year they already felt quite educated in the magic craft - and decided to pick up a treasure from a nearby mountain this time. Since they were not among the bravest, they waited for May Sunday, when all the treasures of the depths of the earth would come out of their hiding places in broad daylight and set out for the forest that day. They climbed slowly up the steep slope, and as they approached the top, they could not suddenly remember any magic incantations.

At the large boulder above, they could already see a wrought-iron chest of rare handicrafts, lustfully adding to the step, but it crackled in the treetops, the sky blackened so that it was not visible to the step - only lightning, accompanied by a roaring thunder, illuminated the forest kingdom at times. Deadly fear engulfed the two brothers, and one of them turned to the other: "This is unbearable - we must hurry back because we have forgotten our formulas and without them we will perish here.

But he didn't have to push him too hard, they both turned and scurried down again in the light of the horrible flashes of lightning. The closer they got to the foot of the hill, the more the storm calmed down. When they ran out of the forest, there was silence everywhere, only a calm breeze scattering the remnants of the clouds across the sky. The brothers breathed a sigh of relief and did not even think of the treasure that had disappeared up there again in the depths of the earth. As before, the poor returned home, but gave up learning witchcraft and treasure hunting forever.

The one in Vlčice - and many others - are still waiting either for more successful witch apprentices, or for completely honest and blameless people who could get them.

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