C.Scope Probe Transmitter 512Hz

C.Scope Probe Transmitter is a small battery-powered transmitter that is used in typical cases. It can be screwed onto stretching springs, rods and the like.

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The C.Scope probe is a small transmitter powered by 1.5V AA batteries that can be used inside metal tubes . It can be screwed onto stretching springs, rods and the like. You can then search for C.Scope locators that use generator mode and this frequency is 512kHz. This allows you to save many hours of searching for damaged lines.

The C.Scope Metal Pipe probe is specially designed with a low-frequency signal output that is able to be transmitted through the wall of a metal pipe to the surface.

This makes it ideal for locating blockages in metal pipes or for use with a camera, and is strong enough to be detectable up to a depth of 5 meters using the C.Scope Precision Pipe and Cable Locator (depending on pipe material and wall thickness).

Technical data:

  • Waterproof robust construction IP68
  • Operating frequency 512kHz
  • Maximum detection depth 5m
  • Power supply - 1.5V AA batteries
  • Normal battery life 25 hours
  • Dimensions: Diameter 39mm, Length 121mm
  • Mounting: Type adapter M10

Waterproof IP68, solid plastic.

Operating frequency

Up to 5 meters with accurate C.Scope pipe and cable finder (depending on pipe material and wall thickness).

Diameter 39 mm, Length 102 mm.

M10, or using adapters

1 x AA (IEC type LR6)
Battery life 25 hours at 20 ° C

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