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Teknetics Liberator Metal Detector

In stock 8 pcs

Teknetics Liberator is a detector designed for beginners and intermediate searchers with a variety of settings, VCO and ground effect tuning, discrimination settings, mode selections, etc.

Teknetics Minuteman Metal Detector

In stock > 10 pcs

The Teknetics Minuteman metal detector is a "plug and go" device, but with great performance and price too. This detector replaces the older Lone Star Pro model in our range and outperforms it in every way, only the price has remained the same!

+ Gift Coil cover

Teknetics T2+ LTD metal detector

In stock > 10 pcs

T2+LTD is a new version of the popular Tekentics T2 and T2 LTD metal detectors. It combines the electronics of the LTD version with the original T2. Thanks to this and also thanks to the quite exceptional price, the T2+LTD is now one of the most exceptional detectors in the price range of around 10 000 CZK.

+ Gift Unit and battery box cover

Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector

In stock 5 pcs

Exceptional detector in terms of performance and price

Teknetics G2+ metal detector

In stock > 10 pcs

High-performance coin detector

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