Celestron AstroFi 130 / 650mm GoTo mounting

CELESTRON AstroFi 130mm with a fully automatic aiming system that can be easily controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

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CELESTRON AstroFi 130mm is a reflector-type telescope (Newton) with a primary mirror diameter of 130mm, a focal length of 650mm (f / 5) and a fully automatic aiming system that can be easily controlled using a smartphone or tablet . Thanks to the free Celestron SkyPortal application and SkyAlign technology, finding stellar objects is intuitive, fast and very easy. You can select from a database of 120,000 objects or simply point the object directly at the sky with your phone and the telescope will automatically find it and start tracking it. At the same time, the display will show you interesting information about the selected stellar object, which will help you understand the beauties of the universe. Thanks to high-quality optics, you can watch in fine detail the craters of the Moon, Saturn's rings, the large red spot of Jupiter, nebulae in the constellation Orion or thousands of other stellar objects. Based on your location, the system can generate an offer of the most interesting celestial bodies that can be seen in the sky at a given moment.
The binoculars transmit their own WIFI signal, so a quality connection is ensured even in remote places without an internet connection.

Technical parameters

  • type: reflector
  • mounting: motorized azimuthal
  • focal length: 650 mm (f / 5)
  • front member diameter: 130 mm
  • eyepieces: 25mm (magnification 26x), 10mm (magnification 65x)
  • optical treatment of glasses: Fully Coated
  • tripod: aluminum with rubberized bowl for accessories
  • weight: 8.16 kg
  • highest useful magnification 307x
  • lowest useful magnification 19x
  • marginal stellar size: 13.1
  • Angular resolution (Rayleigh limit): 1.07 arcsec
  • angular resolution (Dawes limit): 0.89 arcsec
  • Light Gathering Power: 345x

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