Celestron PowerSeeker 70 / 700mm AZ lens telescope

Refractor (lens) binoculars with simple azimuthal mounting and intuitive operation. Lens diameter 70mm, focal length 700mm, aperture f / 10. The binoculars are suitable for beginners.

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The Powerseeker refractor binoculars are inexpensive binoculars that feature very good multi-layer optics and easy and quick installation in minutes, where you don't need to use any tools. The low weight of the device and a light, height-adjustable aluminum tripod with a storage surface allow you to take the binoculars with you on trips or observations in nature away from home. Powerseeker is designed for overview observation of the sky at low magnification and for observation of larger and brighter objects and their details. The SkyX planetary software included in the package will help you find them easily.

The telescope comes with two Plössl eyepieces and a Barlow 3x lens, which triples the possibilities of the optics, but at such a magnification you have to count on lower image quality. High quality optical performance is achieved while respecting the highest (165) and lowest (10x) useful magnification.

Powerseeker AZ models are mounted on alt-azimuth. Alt-azimuthal mounting is very similar to a photographic tripod. It has two axes, around which it rotates in height and in a horizontal direction around the horizon - in the so-called azimuth. AZ models have a comfortable handle with an integrated clutch for easy aiming and smooth movement.

All PowerSeeker models can also be used for convenient ground monitoring.

Technical parameters

  • type: refractor
  • Mounting: Azimuthal
  • Lens diameter: 70mm
  • Focal length: 700mm
  • Luminosity: f / 10
  • Eyepieces: 20mm (magnification 35x), 4mm (magnification 175x)
  • Barlow's lens: 3x magnification
  • Tripod: aluminum
  • Package dimensions: 95.5 x 30.5 x 23.5 cm
  • Weight: 5.80 kg
  • Magnification factor: 35x to 175x
  • Max. tripod height: 106 cm
  • Min. tripod height: 62 cm
  • Color shade: Black

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