Nel Hunter spool for Teknetics Alpha, Gamma, Delta, Omega, Eurotek, Eurotek Pro and G2 31x22 cm

The probe is designed for metal detectors Teknetics Alpha, Gamma, Delta, Eurotek, Eurotek Pro Omega and G2

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The probe is supplied with a protective cover

Nel probes with patented technologies bring higher stability in most soil types. They have a very low weight and, compared to standard probes, bring a greater depth range.

1. The probe has very good separation properties
2. Special production technology
3. Weight 490g
4. Provides an increase in depth range
5. The coil is waterproof

The probe is provided with a 2-year warranty

You can download the catalog by double-clicking on the image or on the link Catalog of NEL probes . Alternatively, you can look at the Nel Probe section in the treasure hunter's e-shop.

Probe catalog Nel

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