Coil Nel Tornado for Garrett GTi 33x30 cm

Probe designed for metal detectors Garrett GTi 2500 and 1500

Usual delivery time 30 days
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Price without VAT: €115.37

The probe is supplied with a protective cover

Nel probes with patented technologies bring higher stability in most soil types. They have a very low weight and, compared to standard probes, bring a greater depth range.

1. The coil is waterproof
2. The probe has very good separation properties
3. Special production technology
4. Weight 590g
5. Provides an increase in depth range
6 The 2D spool does not allow the depth and size of the detected target to be identified.

The probe is provided with a 2-year warranty

You can download the catalog by double-clicking on the image or on the link Catalog of NEL probes . Alternatively, you can look at the Nel Probe section in the treasure hunter's e-shop.

Probe catalog Nel

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