Tesoro Vaquero RDS Ultimate metal detector

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Usage type For searching relics, For coins

The Vaquero Ultimate metal detector set includes two probes and all accessories

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Tesoro Vaquero metal detector equipped with the Ultimate universal depth probe

You will now receive two 33 cm 2D Ultimate probes and a new 28x20 cm 2D RDS Tesoro probe, basic probe covers, instructional DVD in Czech and an electronics box cover.

Tesoro Vaquero Ultimate metal detector

The Tesoro Vaquero detector is a scaled-down legendary Lobo Super Traq with very precise manual tuning of the soil effect. Lobo has earned the best reputation among all professionals around the world, and Vaquero now proves that even though he is a smaller brother, he lags only slightly behind Lobo.

Tesoro Vaquero is a metal detector designed for users who demand top performance with an emphasis on easy operation. Thanks to the large range of Ground Balance settings, it is easy to walk with Vaquer even in the worst soil conditions. The detector is built as a universal, but with an emphasis on easy hunting of low-conductivity crumbs and small pieces of gold.

The main advantages of Tesoro Vaquero are especially the very low weight and accuracy of the Ground Balance setting. The use of concentric-elliptical probes allows you to accurately aim and track even the smallest targets with good coverage. A number of probes designed not only for Tesoro Vaquero but also for Lobo can also be connected to the detector.

Vaquero not only offers an accurate discriminator and excellent separation, but also a great depth range. In order to get the most out of your Vaquero, you need to learn how to work properly with the Threshold tone and the positive or negative Ground Balance setting. This is not difficult and we think that the video you will find on Treasure Hunter entitled "How to Tesoro Vaquero" will help you significantly. Proper use of precise tuning of the influence of the soil and the basic tone of the threshold can add many centimeters of range and a bonus in the form of always perfectly set detector for a given location.

Vaquero is an uncomplicated detector and, like many other top detectors from Tesoro is equipped with a discriminating circuit AD 180. A clear detector response without sounds and false signals will bring you joy for many years of searching.

Overview of functions

  • Very precise setting of Ground Balance - interference with the ground
  • Possibility to set Ground Balance to "Fix" position
  • MicroMax Design
  • Precise discrimination settings
  • Extremely light detector
  • Sensitivity adjustment with the possibility of using a weak signal amplifier at the end of the MaxBoost range
  • 6.3mm Jack headphone jack and built-in speaker
  • Adjustable treble strength
  • All Metal - motionless mode
  • Durable design
  • Adjustable detector length

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequencies 14.3 kHz, 14.5 kHz and 14.7 kHz
  • Weight 1,075 kg
  • Working temperature from -10 to +60
  • Height from 98 cm to 128 cm
  • Battery powered 1x9V or rechargeable 8.4V
  • Detector equipped with a new RDS 28x20 cm 2D coil with Kevlar core and Ultimate probe from Detech
  • Warranty: 2 years

Tesoro Vaquero metal detector tests, videos and instructions

Video "Jan for Tesoro Vaquero Metal Detector" (open by tapping)
Instruction manual for Tesoro Vaquero metal detector free download in pdf format. ( open by tapping)

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