Metal detector Garrett GTI 2500

The longest producing detector from Garrett and basically worldwide.

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Metal Detector Garrett GTI 2500 - Garrett's flagship

Garrett's longest running detector and in fact the world's longest running detector. The Gti 2500 has long been a popular model and although it lacks many of the new devices it still has its fans.

Discrimination and accuracy in identifying objects under the coil is high on metal detectorsGarrett but here it is brought up to a level that gives you some confidence. Confidence that if you discriminate some of the metal objects (waste), you won't start passing coins and jewelry. Even though this is a device with a dozen patented features and incredible variability in settings, it is incredibly easy to operate.

You can basically turn the device on and go. Over time, you will then certainly get to start creating your own setup schemes. I think you will then appreciate again the precision work of the engineers at Garrett. Garrett The GTI series has really outpaced most of the competition. If you are really serious about your search, you need the DSP technology that only the GTI 2500, 1500 and now the new GTP 1350 detectors contain.

DSP technology increases your range by 20%, adjusts to your search speed, provides the most accurate target ID information, and offers correct information on the size and depth of the object under the coil. The Grrett GTI 2500 metal detector can now also be equipped with the Treasure Hound EagleEye for the GTI 2500, making it a depth-finding device with a maximum range of around 3 to 5 meters depending on the size of the object.

Box elektroniky detektoru kovů Garrett GTI2500

Function overview:

  • 9 ½ or 12 ½ inch waterproof coil - perfectly matched to the detector's control processor.
  • 24 segment discrimination - on clear LCD
  • Frequency - ability to set one of eight channels to search in groups or under high voltage wires
  • Multitone identification - with a highlighted high tone (Bell tone) for easier identification of silver objects
  • DSP processor - the heart of your on-board computer. Ensures intelligent digital signal processing.
  • Depth identification - accurately determine the depth of the metal object under the coil.
  • Graphical display of object size - a unique feature of Garrett detectors that allows you to know in advance how big the object is hidden underneath you.
  • Automatic ground influence tuning - constantly monitors the current soil mineralization for you.
  • Salt influence tuning - definitely appreciated on your seaside holidays. No more beeping of salted seaweed or meaningless signals that disappear after the first kick.
  • Volume control - just volume control
  • Jack ¼ for headphone connection
  • Length adjustable from 102 to 130 cm
  • Weight - 2.1 kg
  • Operating frequency - 7.2 kHz
  • Power supply - 8x AA batteries
  • Search modes - coins, jewellery, memorabilia, all metals and of course your own programs
  • Setting options - sensitivity, tone threshold, volume, full range of multi-discrimination on LCD

The GTI 2500 is a top level instrument and the search results will amaze you. It goes without saying that to really appreciate and use all the features of the detector in harmonic agreement, you will need a little time, which is logical for an instrument with so many settings.

You can easily test the effectiveness of the detector on our training ground, where you can verify the discrimination function in rather difficult conditions and also the actual range of the detector.

You will receive an instructional DVD and a set of alkaline batteries with the detector.

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