C.Scope MXT4 signal generator

C.Scope signal generator for the MXL4 series locators.

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The C.Scope MXT4 signal generator works in conjunction with the C.Scope MXL4 D locator and DGB. When using dual operating frequencies of 33 kHz and 131 kHz, it can also be used for C.Scope XL4 series locators . The signal generator operates at a frequency of 33 kHz / 131 kHz, 8 kHz and 512 Hz. These frequencies use MXL4 locators. Thanks to the signal generator, you can monitor very precisely and deeply laid lines of electrical wires, pipes and metal structures. C.Scope generators are supplied with a number of accessories that allow you to use locators in many applications.

Generator equipment

  • Large LCD
  • Variable connection option
  • Standard frequencies 33kHz / 131kHz, 8kHz and 512Hz
  • Traditional pulse signal, or intermittent for the most accurate line monitoring
  • Integrated accessory box
  • Extra long ground wire connection included in the price of the generator
  • Robust generator design

Generator control

  • On / off
  • Power settings
  • Signal type - intermittent / continuous
  • Adjust the volume
  • Connections
  • Operating frequency setting
  • Via direct connection to the plug (wires, induction clamps).
  • Indirect induction mode.
  • Sound indication
  • Audible feedback turning on the generator.
  • Low frequency signaling of quality connection.
  • Low frequency signaling of generator power change.
  • Audio output with response in both signal modes (intermittent / continuous).
  • Identification of low batteries.
  • Identification of the selected frequency


Output: 32768Hz, 8192Hz, 512Hz
Battery: 4 x D (LR20) Typical service life of 40 hours of operation.
Construction: Weight 3.4 kg (including batteries)
Dustproof and waterproof IP65

Multisegment LCD with display:

  • Frequency
  • Signal output - Pulse / Continuous signal
  • Signal output level
  • Battery status indication
  • Power setting levels
  • Adjust the volume

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