C.Scope CXL3 engineering network locator

The safety of construction sites or the precise targeting of already included new distribution systems should be in your natural interest

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The CXL 3 engineering network locator is actually a continuation of the legendary C.Scope CAT locomotive. The device offers extremely simple operation and a really excellent price for its performance. CXL 3 is designed for searching all metal types of engineering networks and its construction is aimed primarily at all those who are engaged in excavation work, and thus it is about safety in the workplace.

For its simplicity, the CXL3 is a sought-after detector. It is characterized by very easy operation, so everyone can handle it without any problems. The detector works in three modes and is ready for rough handling. The detachable speaker then gives the operator a chance to work even in a very noisy environment.

The detector is equipped with an LCD and is able to work with a signal generator. The DXL 3 version is then also able to measure the depth of the utility networks.


  • The detector uses three operating modes. Power mode - for searching for live cables. Radio mode - for searching for electromagnetic signals and Generator mode - working mode for searching for the signal transmitted by the generator.
  • The detector is equipped with the option of manual sensitivity adjustment, with which you can easily reduce the size of the corridor in which you manage to identify the signal you are looking for.
  • The detector uses audible signaling and identification. Both for different search states and for different settings.
  • There are, of course, a number of additional devices to the detector. First of all, a signal generator and a signal terminal for precise alignment of electrical wires. Using a signal probe, plastic pipes can also be targeted.


  • LCD - Multi-segment: showing operating frequency, signal type, output level, battery status, sound attenuation.
  • Detection depth: Power mode 3 m, Radio mode - 2 m, Generator mode - 3 m
  • Working frequency: Power mode 50-400 Hz, Radio mode 15 - 20 kHz, Generator mode 33 kHz.
  • Battery 4x1.5V "D" life 40 hours
  • Weight 3 kg including battery
  • Waterproof and dustproof construction

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