Metal detector Bounty Hunter ES Platinum 2D

Detector equipped with a powerful 28cm 2D probe to maximize range and great value!

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Electronics box cover, BH headphones and instructional DVD in CZ

The Bounty Hunter ES Platinum metal detector now comes with a free electronics box cover, BH headphones and an instructional DVD in CZ.

The detector excels with a number of features that are inherent in much more expensive models. The technology is based on the best models First Texas, as is the ergonomics and design that searchers may be familiar with, such as the Teknetics T2. The detector has both automatic and manual ground balance. This also makes it very adaptable in most soil conditions.

The high degree of adaptability is aided by four search modes, including a highly sensitive static mode. The detector is equipped with a 28cm diameter 2D probe, which is used for example by the Teknetics T2 model.

Detektor kovů Bounty Huteer Platinum


Dynamic discrimination
All Metal
Highly sensitive static mode
Pinpoint for easy target tracking

Visual discrimination

8 segments
Target ID identification from 0 to 99
Variable discrimination setting using NOTCH function

Audio discrimination

Four preset modes - one to four tones

Target depth display

Continuous during search - 3 segments
When using pinpoint function - value is displayed in inches 1"-2.54 cm

Ground Balance - tunes for ground effect


Other functions

Sensitivity adjustment
Volume adjustment
Battery level indicator

Detektor kovů Bounty Hunter Platinum

Technical parameters

Operating frequency - 7.8 kHz
Working probe - 28 cm2D probe
Power supply - 9Valkaline battery, last for 25 hours
Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) and lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable cells can be used.
Headphone jack - 1/8 and 6.3mm jack (large and small)
Weight 1 kg
Adjustable length 106 to 143 cm
Three-piece construction
Operating temperature from 0 to 40 °C
Humidityrange 9 to 90% ( non-condensing)
Warranty 2+3 years (2 years in the Czech Republic, plus 3 years with the manufacturer in the USA)
Package dimensions 73x26x16 cm

Thedetector is able to work with all metal detector probes:

Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Gold
Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Gold PRO
Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector
Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Platinum PRO
Teknetics Alpha, Gamma, Delta and Omega series

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