Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro

The Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro metal detector is the new flagship of the Bounty Hunter ES detector range.

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Metal detector Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro is the new flagship of the BH ES detector range. As everyone will probably immediately notice, the detector is based on the Fisher F19 metal detector, often referred to as the best "relic" detector from First Texas (manufacturer of Fisher, Bounty Hunter). Basically, the detector is equipped with a proven 28 cm 2D coil of improved design (the underside of the probe uses a new durable plastic).

The detector operates at a frequency of 19 kHz and thanks to its exceptional design, it has completely unique separation properties. Moving in locations full of iron from which searchers often flee will be, in turn, a place where you will want to spend most of your search time. The absolute icing on the cake is the price of the detector - 12 490 CZK incl. VAT, which is really great considering how much the detector offers.

Features and technology

2 working modes - All Metal and discriminating 2-tone - All Metal is single-tone without discrimination. Very interesting is the 2 tone mode, thanks to the perfectly sophisticated VCO you always have a very clear idea of the depth and size of the target under the probe from the changing strength of the audio response.

V Break - With the V Break function you can set the interface ID where to echo the iron and where the non-ferrous metals. Under normal conditions, the preset value is fine, but you can very well use the functionuse the break for example in cases of extremely humid sites, or in sites with large amounts of coke, etc.

FeTone - Simply put, you are able to adjust the iron volume so that non-ferrous targets are significantly louder, and yet you are very good at perceiving iron signals.

Soil Influence Tuning - The detector has both a semi-automatic soil tuning system (you push a button and pump) or you can manually tune the soil.

Motionless tracking function - The detector has a classic Pinpoint motionless mode with automatic balancing when switched on.

Backlighting - The backlighting is designed with a red LED. Which does not glare when searching.

Evaluation on the LCD - evaluation on the LCD is solved by ID numbers, Very unique is the large ID range for ferrous metals, which allows you to better distinguish between larger and smaller ferrous objects.

Technical specifications

  • Two working modes All Metal and 2 tone with VCO
  • Simple and intuitive control of the detector with rotary potentiometers and buttons
  • Adjustable volume and iron volume (Fe Tone)
  • Semi-automatic and manual mode for tuning the influence of soil
  • LCD illumination in five levels
  • V Break function for setting the interface between ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • NOTCH function - notch discrimination
  • Pinpoint motionless tracking mode with depth measurement
  • Adjustable sensitivity and threshold tone level
  • Fe3O4 iron oxide indication chart
  • Improved proven 2D coil 11" (28 cm)
  • 9V battery power supply - operating time approx. 20 hours depending on the number of signals
  • Operating frequency 19 kHz
  • Low weight 1.1kg
  • 2 year warranty

A range of additional coils immediately available(all coils designed for Fisher Gold Bug and F19 metal detectors)

Video - how to use the Time Ranger Pro metal detector

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