C.Scope CS4MXi metal detector

The new CS4MXi metal detector, the successor to the legendary CS5MX. High performance, accurate GB and great separation with reach.

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C.Scope CS4MXi - Two discriminators and great separation and reach

You will receive a probe cover, a clip for attaching the electronics box to the belt, an electronics box cover and an instruction DVD in the detector.


CS4MXi is the successor to the legendary CS5MX. The detector is based on a new concept, which is common to the new CS3MXi. The development of this platform, as with the CS6MXi, took almost 4 years and was worked on in parallel. CS4MXi is a high-performance motion detector with double discrimination, dual soil tuning mode and motionless mode.

The detector has a very fast response to the target, and in the tests that have taken place, the detector emerges as the absolute separation of the market. In addition, thanks to the new 2D probe, the device reaches excellent depth. The two new discriminators with which the detector is equipped reliably filter out both iron and modern waste, and the detector has such a high level of comfort of use.
C.Scope CS4MXi is equipped with both automatic and manual soil tuning modes. This allows beginners to operate easily from the start, and more experienced searchers can add an inch within range thanks to the manual mode.

A chapter in itself could be the motionless search mode of the detector. This is a very accurate and accentuated VCO. Thanks to this, the finder can easily and quickly find out how big and how deep the object is hidden under the probe. The elaborate motionless regime is, after all, a long-standing pride of society, and perhaps no one in the world has been able to bring it to such perfection.

The construction of the detector is very rigid and extremely durable. The detector is tested for a fall from 1m on a concrete base. The probes are waterproof and the electronics box waterproof. The guide bar has rigid locks and the electronics box can be placed on the belt. The new probes in this C.Scope series are equipped with a special lead wire. Thanks to this, you are not limited in any way when placing the box on the belt and working with the detector in such a mode is very pleasant.

The detector is designed for the most versatile use, thanks to the working frequency of 17 kHz and new probes, it has excellent sensitivity to even the smallest objects. It is designed for all searchers who appreciate signal processing speed, accurate discrimination and unique separation even in the worst conditions.

C.Scope CS4MX metal detector box

Overview of functions

  • On / Off with sensitivity setting control
  • Soil debugging in automatic and manual mode
  • Two precise discriminant circuits C.Scope CS4MXi
  • Pinpoint tracking function with VCO for precise determination of the depth and size of the target under the probe
  • Sensitivity associated with a threshold tone for the best possible estimate of the maximum setting level
  • Headphone input jack 6.3mm
  • Extremely durable detector design, box tested for falls from 1m on a concrete base
  • Waterproof detector probes and waterproof electronics box
  • The electronics box can be easily placed on the belt, working with the detector is then easier
  • Buckle for attaching the electronics box to the belt included
  • Durable bar locks
  • Adjustable detector length 109 to 136 cm
  • Thanks to the construction of the guide rod, the detectors are comfortable to hold even with a height of 2 m!
  • Audio detection of low batteries

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequency 17 kHz
  • Weight 1.5 kg / box on a belt 900g
  • Working temperature from -10 to +60
  • Height from 109 cm to 136 cm
  • Power supply 8x1.5 V
  • Innovative probe 20 x 28cm (8 x 11 ") 2D black

C.Scope CS4MX metal detector


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