Metal Detector C.Scope CS6MXi

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Usage type For coins, For searching relics, Universal

A brand new detector of the new "I" detector series C.Scope, which took almost 4 years to develop.

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C.Scope CS6MXi - exceptional universal detector with excellent range, sensitivity and audio discrimination

Detector now comes with probe cover, electronics box cover, instructional DVD and belt clip


C.Scope The CS6MXi is an all new high performance motion metal detector. The detector took almost 4 years to develop, but all the time and resources invested by the company have now been fully recouped. The CS6MXi will allow its users to detect even the smallest wanted targets in places that are completely contaminated with ferrous waste. Soil suppression is also highly sophisticated, so the instrument is able to operate in literally all soil conditions.

Every prospector working with the CS6MXi has once positioned a very sophisticated discrimination system. From pure audio discrimination with three tones, to iron suppression according to size with fa ability to filter out modern wastes. Of course there is also no lack of classical discrimination.

The design of the detector is very rigid with the possibility to separate the electronics box and place it on the belt. The detector is then only 900g and basically you can not get tired when moving with it. The detector's probes are equipped with a fairly thick and highly durable wire specially manufactured for C.Scope. It also makes working with the detector with a separate electronics box on your belt very pleasant and does not restrict you in any way.

The detector is designed for universal search in all conditions and in all environments. Thanks to the working frequency and the design of the discriminator, however, it will make searchers of small gold and silver coins very happy. Yet it will still be a universal detector with a wide field of application from militaria to natural gold.

Box detektoru kovů C.Scope CS6MXi

Overview of functions

  • On/Off with sensitivity control
  • Soil influence tuning in automatic and manual mode
  • Precise audio discrimination with adjustable three tones
  • Iron Mask function - ability to adjust the size of the received iron
  • Pinpoint tracking function with VCO to accurately determine the depth and size of the target under the probe
  • Disk Vol. function for easier filtering of waste
  • Dicrimination - silent dicrimination circuit with precise adjustment according to the surface conductivity of the target
  • 6.3mm headphone jack input
  • Extremely durable detector design, box tested for drops from 1m onto a concrete pad
  • Detector probes waterproof and electronics box waterproof
  • Electronics box can be easily placed on a belt, making working with the detector easier
  • Buckle for attaching the electronics box to your belt included
  • Durable rod locks
  • Adjustable detector length 109 to 136 cm
  • Thanks to the design of the guide rods, the detectors are comfortable to hold even for people with a height of 2m!
  • Audio detection of weak batteries

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequency 17 kHz
  • Weight 1.5 kg/ belt box 900g
  • Operating temperature from -10 to +60
  • Height from 109cm to 136cm
  • Power supply 8x1.5 V
  • Innovative probe 20 x 28cm (8 x 11") 2D black

Detektor kovů C.Scope CS6MXi

Detektor kovů C.Scope CS6MXi - box

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