Ebinger UPEX ONE 2 metal detector

UPEX ® ONE-2 is a high-performance metal detector for searching for natural gold and the smallest gold and silver objects.

Price on request
  • Extremely high sensitivity
  • Low level of interference
  • New special coils
  • Sensitivity to even the tiniest gold nuggets
  • High ratio between performance and price

Properties and uses

UPEX ® ONE-2 is a high-performance metal detector for searching for natural gold and the smallest gold and silver objects. The technology of the detector and its sensitivity is based on many years of development of devices for humanitarian demining, which had to be able to capture literally trace amounts of metals!


In the supplied set, the UPEX ® ONE-2 is equipped with a 28 cm probe. The special configuration of the winding provides excellent suppression of magnetic effects, thus significantly increasing the sensitivity of the device.

  • Telescopic construction
  • Easy disassembly into a small space
  • Battery with headphone input
  • Threshold tone
  • Audio discrimination
  • Highly advanced soil debugging
  • N / C switch
  • LED battery alarm
  • Ebinger headphones


UPEX ONE-2 is a pulse detector (PI), this method can be simply described as an electromagnetic echo. The coil generates strong magnetic pulses that cause eddy currents on metal objects. This reaction is transmitted electronically. The procedure has specific advantages. UPEX ONE-2 is able to evaluate the conductivity of objects and then report it acoustically in a deep or high tone. The whole technology began to develop in the 70s, when it was developed by the German engineer Ing. C. Colani. In the late 1970s, Ebinger acquired patent rights for the entire technology and became the first manufacturer of PI detectors in Germany. Today, Ebinger builds on a large number of applications on this constantly evolving technology, whether it is underwater detectors or humanitarian demining devices.

Scope of delivery

  • Probe with a diameter of 28 cm
  • Cables with connectors
  • Two-piece construction with S cuff
  • Electronics unit
  • Ebinger adjustable headphones
  • Battery 12V 3.8Ah
  • Housing
  • Manual


  • Power supply: external power supply 12V / 3.8 Ah Ni-MH for about 14 hours of operation at a temperature of 20 ° C.
  • Temperature range of use: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C
  • Dimensions of the supplied probe 280 mm
  • Dimensions of the electronics box 216x51x90 mm
  • Battery dimensions: 200x51x90 mm
  • Adjustable bar 1120 to 1500 mm

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