Garrett Ace 200i metal detector

The smallest detector from the new Ace series. Ace 200i with 6.5 "x 9" Proformance ™ probe

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The Ace 200i is the international version of the smallest of the new detectors in the beginner's Ace line of detectors. Even though the detector is equipped with only the essentials, it is a full-fledged device suitable especially for beginners.

Features of the Ace 200i

  • New digital target IDs in the range 0-99
  • New guide bar locks (older models were without locks)
  • New audio response modulation for clearer and more reliable identification
  • Low detector weight
  • Three operating modes
  • Four levels of sensitivity adjustment
  • Subject depth indicator


  • Operating frequency 6.5 kHz
  • Audio answer - 3 tones
  • Battery status indicator
  • Working coil 6.5x9 “Proformance (concentric)
  • Adjustable length 1.06 m to 1.29 m
  • Weight 1kg
  • Power supply 4x1.5 V
  • Warranty: 2 years

Optional Accessories

Additional coil 9x12 "Proformance
Additional coil 4.5 "Sniper
Covers for all types of coils
Rain cover

Numerical evaluation of objects using a pair of ID numbers.

Clearer audio response.

Guide bar locks.

A proven coil that all searchers know, for example, from the Ace 250.

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