Metal detector Garrett AXIOM MS3/13x11DD/11x7MONO

Axiom metal detector, is the latest innovation in pulse detectors Garrett.

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Axiom metal detector, is the latest innovation in pulse detectors Garrett. Axiom is designed primarily for finding natural gold, but in our conditionsin our conditions, it can be used for the finest targets as well as for deep prospecting. Use in European conditions is aided by the Iron Check function which allows the user to verify targets (iron - coloured targets). In conditions where there is a large amount of iron even in "clean" locations this is essentially a necessary feature.
Axiom is also equipped with a number of other technologies such as Z link wireless technology, which is actually a built-in wifi transmitter. So it uses standard wireless handsets Garrett.

Uses and technologies

Garrett has given its new technology the name Ultra-Pulse. The technology allows searching in both highly mineralized soils, sites with the presence of ferromagnetic rocks. It is also not a problem for PI technology to work in high salinities (salt water).
The built-in battery allows searching for 16 hours. Which is a very good time for an instrument with such power. The design uses telescopic carbon rods and the armrest has its nicely designed ergonomics. The audio detector uses two basic modes PWM and VCO. Where VCO mode in particular is essential for finding the most minute targets.

Technical specifications and warranty

Design: Telescopic, carbon rods with the possibility of folding up to 63,5 cm
Weight: from 1.9 kg - 2.1 kg depending on the coil used
Electronic functions: Iron check - target check button (iron - coloured targets)
Terra-scan - two-channel system for balancing the influence of the soil
Power: Built-in battery with up to 16 hours of battery life
Audio: Two audio modes PWM and VCO
Probes: 13x11dd-11x7mono
Warranty: 2 years

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