Garrett EuroAce metal detector

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New improved version of the Garrett Ace 250 metal detector. The detector is equipped with a new 28x22cm 2D probe from Garrett

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Garrett EuroAce metal detector

The price of the detector in action includes: Garrett clear sound headphones, instructional DVD in Czech shot by the Treasure Hunter team, Garrett rain cover, Garrett backpack and 4x AA batteries

The detector is equipped with a new reinforced armrest !!!

Garrett EuroAce is an improved version of the Ace 250 . The detector has improved iron discrimination and better separation properties. The main change compared to the classic version of the Ace 250, however, is the installation of a completely new 28x22 cm 2D probe. This should add detector to both coverage and range.

A variety of probes for the Garrett Ace range of detectors can still be used for the metal detector. (9x6.5 concentric, 12x10 concentric and traceable 4.5 "concentric )

The ACE series contains a lot of technology inherited from the GTI and GTP series . However, the new Euro Ace uses a completely new graphical target analyzer. Also, the indicator of the depth of depositing the coin in the soil is newly set to conversion in metric units (cm). The last big change is the use of a higher operating frequency. The new EuroAce no longer runs on 6.5kHz but on the new 8.2kHz frequency.

Garrett EuroAce box metal detector

Features overview:

  • 28x22cm 2D "Waterproof coil - standard coil to maximize reach
  • 12 segments of discrimination - simple selective exclusion of metals that do not interest you. No more nails, foil and scrap iron.
  • Tone identification - Three tone identification. Low LOW tones signal iron and its alloys. Medium MEDIUM tones indicate jewelry and relics. High HIGH tones then indicate the wheels. For coin hunters, the sound is always the most beautiful.
  • Depth indicator - measures the depth of the object and determines it in cm.
  • Weight - weight 1.2 kg
  • Length - reasonable adaptability and comfortable grip for all height categories. Possibility of layout from 113 to 126 cm.
  • Easy handling - the detector is easily divided into three parts for easy transport.
  • Easy to use - it couldn't be easier
  • Readable and large display - displays object values on the display.
  • Microprocessor controlled electronics - increases sensitivity and maximizes the range of your detector.
  • 20 hours of searching
  • Powered by the detector with four 1.5 V AA batteries.
  • Battery status indicator - view the status of your batteries.
  • ¼ jack - headphone output.
  • Warranty - two years warranty.
  • Detector operating frequency - 8.2 kHz. Easy coil replacement - the possibility of using other coils from the ACE series (12x9 "; 4.5")

You can easily test the effectiveness of the detector in our training field, where you can verify the function of discrimination in relatively difficult conditions and also the actual range of the detector.

Garrett EuroAce metal detector in action

Garrett EuroAce metal detector












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