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The LP ZERO II 33 metal detector is a high-end universal detector designed for searching all types of metal objects and equipped with a 33 cm Fighter 2D probe. The detector was designed by Treasure Hunter and uses the technology of Golden Mask. What makes the detector particularly attractive is its long range, which is completely out of line with detectors in its price range.and in many cases far surpasses devices in price classes much higher. Basically, the same can be written about the separation and discrimination capabilities of the detector, which are top-notch regardless of the price.

LP ZERO II uses a new operating frequency of 13 kHz and is equipped with advanced mineralization filters. This gives the user great versatility in use and also the ability to work in all types of environments. The simplicity of operation and clarity of response gives users the ability to enjoy searching with the detector to the fullest without complicated setups. At the same time, the detector is equipped with absolutely everything a searcher needs in the field. The variable audio discrimination settings also offer great possibilities. The freedom to set up where you want to hear from unwanted targets without losing anything on range and separationis quite exceptional for a detector under 15 000 kč (only one device on the market) and absolutely unique in the price class under 10 000 kč.

Detektor kovů LP ZERO II

Technical specifications

  • Length of the detector: maximum adjustable length 136 cm, minimum length 96 cm, length of the longest part after unfolding the three-piece construction 51 cm.
  • Carbon middle and bottom rod
  • Detector weight: with 24cm 2D Fighter probe 1.2 kg, with 33cm 2D Fighter probe 1.3 kg
  • Audio output: speaker or headphone output
  • Headphone output: 6.3 mm jack
  • Technology: GMTECH VLF CZ - technology to maximize the range and speed of signal processing of received targets
  • Available probes: 12 cm 2D Spider, 17 cm 2D Spider, 23 cm 2D Spider, 25x23 cm 2D, 30x25 cm 2D, 30 cm 2D Spider, 38x30 cm 2D, 20x15 2D S.E.F, 30x 25 cm 2D S.E.F
  • Working modes: Al Metal, Audio and Iron Audio
  • Soil Tuning: Automatic
  • Mineralization filters: Yes
  • Sensitivity setting: Yes 1 to 10
  • Discrimination Adjustment: Yes 1 to 10
  • Volume adjustment: Yes
  • Power supply: GM Li-PO 3x2500mAh (detector package includes both battery pack and charger)
  • Warranty : 2 years

LP ZERO II metal detector controls

Description of the controls and their settings in individual steps.

SENSITIVITY - the sensitivity setting affects the range of the detector and also partly the size of the received targets. The ideal setting is always such that the detector is quiet while the sensitivity is at the highest possible level. If you watch the video, you will see the difference between the setting at 8, where no threshold tone is heard, and the setting a hair higher at the beginning of the amplifier array

DISCRIMINATION - setting the level of rejection of unwanted metals. The recommended setting is at number 2. At that setting you will very effectively eliminate most ferrous waste.

In addition, the discriminator has a dual functionality. In the Audio setting, discriminated items will give no response. In the Iron Audio setting, they will respond with a deep tone.

ON/OFF and VOLUME - a combined control that turns the detector on and controls the volume at the same time.

Turn the detector on by turning the dial from left to right. When turned, a click is heard. The set volume level is at the preference of each searcher. A high volume setting gives a little more modulation of the signal.

AUDIO and IRON AUDIO OPERATING MODES - In AUDIO mode, the detector has a single tone response to all targets. When the discriminator is set to the minimum value, you then operate in ALL METAL mode without any filtering.
In IRON AUDIO mode, all discriminated targets will have a deep tone and received targets will have a high tone. The huge advantage is in the variability of such a setup, where you can adjust the discriminator to affect the Audio response with respect to the location you are in.

IRON AUDIO - The loudness of the iron audio response can be a problem in lots of iron-laden locations. It is not only the comfort of the search, but also the practical part, where by reducing the intensity of the iron response we are able to achieve significantly better separation properties of the detector.

The choice of the volume level is up to each searcher. It can only be recommended that it should always be slightly lower than the response for non-ferrous metals

Catalogue of the LP ZERO II metal detector

You can download the catalogue in pdf format by clicking on the image.

Probes for LP ZERO and LP ZERO II

There are currently 9 types of probes available for the LP ZERO. We have tried to make the selection as wide as possible for all search options right from the start. It is possible that more probes will be added, but certainly not before the end of this year.



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