Metal detector Nokta Makro The Legend Pro Pack - model 2023

The Legend redesigned for 2023 in a discounted pack.

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Nokta AccuPOINT, Wireless headphones, additional waterproof battery, 15 cm 2D probe with cover, 30 cm probe cover, USB charging cable, headphone case, headphone charging cable, Legend cap and charger.

Detektor kovů Nokta Makro The Legend Pro Pack - model 2023
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Nokta Makro's first simultaneous multi-frequency metal detector, "THE LEGEND", is packed with features that making it an excellent multi-purpose detector that can be adapted to all types of targets and ground conditions. The LEGEND offers exceptional performance in the harshest conditions in its rugged and waterproof design while offering a very affordable price.

The detector excels with exceptional range and improved discrimination capabilities. These are most evident in areas of high litter. Together with the quiet and stable operation on beaches and underwater, you get an excellent all-rounder.

THE LEGEND is also equipped to search for natural gold. In the "gold" mode it is able to detect even very tiny small gold nuggets, even in heavily mineralized soils.

Functions and features of the detector

  • IP 68
    Fully submersible up to 5 metres
  • Advanced discrimination settings
    All Metal, iron target rejection, soil rejection and Notch discrimination
  • Frequency shift and interference rejection
    Filter out unwanted electromagnetic interference
  • Adjust recovery speed
    Allows you to detect smaller targets among ferrous debris by setting a higher target response rate.
  • Identification using 60 ID and harmonic tones
    Accurate target identification and tones with adjustable frequency, allow easy target identification.

  • Adjustable threshold tone
    Allows adjustment of the threshold tone level in each mode
  • 4 custom user profiles
    Save your favorite settings for your locations
  • Easy to use
    Detector is suitable for both novice and experienced searchers
  • Backlit LCD display and LED flashlight
    Features for working in low light conditions
  • Light weight and good balance
    Only 1.4 kg
  • Long battery life
    Easily recharged with a USB charger or power bank. Up to 20 hours of operation.
  • Online firmware update
    Stay up-to-date with firmware updates (via USB) and get the most out of your detector.

Technical specifications

Operating Frequency: two Multi and Single modes 4kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz
Adjustable audio frequency: 100Hz - 1200Hz
Search modes: 4 (park / field / beach / golden field)
Custom user profiles: 4
Audio Tones: 60
Adjustable tone volume: Yes
Tone Interrupt: Yes
Tone pitch: Yes
Adjustable Threshold Tone: Yes
Notch Filter: Yes
Ground Balance: Automatic/Manual/Tracking
Precision Point: Yes
Frequency Shift: Yes
Interference Cancellation: Yes
Vibration: Yes
Sensitivity adjustment: 30 levels
Target ID: 01-60
Probe: Waterproof DD 30 cm coil (LG30)
Backlight: Yes
LED Flashlight: Yes
Weight 1.3 kg
Adjustable length: 63 cm - 132 cm
Battery: 5050mAh lithium polymer
Warranty: 3 years

New larger and lighter LG 30 coil, new armrest and new guide rod.

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