Vibra Quatic 320 metal detector

Vibra Quatic 320 is a long-range finder and target identification using recesses and LEDs

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The Vibra Quatic 320 has a robust omnidirectional head. As a result, there is a further increase in range. Pinpointer vibrations are softer than the Vibra Probe 580. The detected object is also detected by a bright blue LED. Pinpointer has a very robust construction and can be submerged to a depth of 30m.


  • No on-off button. The VIBRA-Quatic 320 switches on and off when you set the detector upwards or switches off automatically one minute after the last detection of a metal object.
  • Pulse Induction (PI) - This technology allows searching on beaches, in salt water or in any type of soil, including basalts.
  • VIBRA-Quatic detects the omnidirectional head of the finder, not the entire length, which allows you to identify the exact target.
  • Waterproof - The unique closed design allows VIBRA-Probe to be used in rain, mud or underwater to a depth of 30m.
  • Automatic tuning - the state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled design requires no modifications of any kind.
  • Detector response - When the target is within range, the VIBRA-Quatic 320 responds to the detectors with selections and flashes of bright blue light.
  • The new advanced circuit maintains the same detection distance throughout the battery life.
  • Distance to target - vibration pulses increase with lower distance to target
  • Low battery indicator - The built-in low battery sensor alerts you to the need to replace the battery.
  • Easy battery installation - the finder is powered by a standard 9V battery. Just turn the rear wheel and pull out the compression seal to access the battery bay.
  • Sturdy construction - VIBRA detectors are robust

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