Outdoor shovel GATOR folding, multifunction

Multifunctional survival folding scoop, 2Cr13 stainless steel blade

Available from 30. 9. 2021
Price without VAT: €19.04

Outdoor scoop GATOR folding, multifunctional set for survival

This solid duralo / stainless steel multifunctional set with case is the ideal companion to nature. You will find everything you need for camping or when searching with a metal detector. The set comes in a handy carrying case with shoulder strap.


  • Robust processing
  • inside the stored tool
  • stainless steel blade 2Cr13
  • adjustable length, three screwable handle parts
  • Three screw-on parts made of duralumin
  • Can be used as shovel, hoe, hammer, ax + tip to break glass
  • weight with case: 1.17 kg
  • blade size 17x13 cm
  • overall length: 77 cm
  • length folded blade: 58 cm
  • package size 17 x 22 x 4 cm

Set includes:

  • knife
  • various wrenches for screws
  • two screwdrivers
  • signal whistle
  • Flint and steel
  • shovel
  • saw
  • bottle opener
  • carrying bag with shoulder strap


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