SEF probe 38x30cm for a series of Tesoro uMAX detectors

SEF probe for metal detectors Tesoro Cortes, DeLeon, Golden uMAX, EuroSabre II and Silver uMAX

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Detech S.E.F

The probe is designed for the maximum range of Tesoro detectors in all soil conditions. Compared to standard Tesoro concentric probes, a significant difference in detection depth begins with 10 mm objects.

The probe does not suffer from echoes and has extremely high coverage. Due to its size, it is best used in mildly or moderately iron-infested localities. It is most suitable for everyone who wants to find the last ID in a bunker that has been dug a hundred times. The probe is very popular among warriors due to the increase in depth for objects larger than small coins. The coil is manufactured for both basic Tesoro series.

  • The probe is waterproof
  • Probe cover included

The probe is used for detectors: Tesoro Cortes , DeLeon, Golden uMAX, EuroSabre II and Silver uMAX

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