SEF probe for Minelab 53x43 cm for GPX

Probe designed for Minelab GPX and SD metal Minelab .

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Detech S.E.F

Light, very deep and sensitive, designed for finding gold. The largest and deepest of a series of SEF probes Designed to detect deeper and offer higher performance than other gold probes. Very stable and accurate.

The largest probe in the company's production program. The coil is really very large and is currently only made for PI detectors GPX, GP and SD. The coil is designed for searching to maximum depths and with the greatest possible coverage. I didn't test the probe and we didn't find much information about it either. Like the smaller 46x38 cm, however, it was designed to search for gold, and despite its giant dimensions, it should retain its sensitivity to the smallest gold nuggets.

  • The probe is waterproof
  • Probe cover included

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