SEF ULTIMATE 33cm probe for Garrett Ace Apex series

The new line of Ace Apex detectors will see the first additional coil this year and one of the best rated ever.

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FREE probe cover:

  Detech ULTIMATE probe cover

The Detech Ultimate probes do not need to be introduced in any special way, they are really known to many search engines. At least we think it's the best spool Detech has ever made. We used them on several detectors (E-Trac, Safari, Tejon, Lobo ST, etc.).

The main advantage of Ultimate coils is the increase in range for virtually all targets from 1 cm in size. What's more, the increase is more than decent, and that's something that all seekers appreciate on these reels.

Technical description

Construction - the probe is made of high quality polymer, reinforced with glass fibers (the construction is really proven and very durable at low coil weight). The coil body has such a high resistance to both thermal shocks and UV.

Resistance to electromagnetic interference - the coil design has increased resistance to interference in the environment (transmitters, fences, GSM, etc.)

  • Even more stable operation
  • More accurate target identification
  • Greater accuracy
  • More stable balancing of the influence of the soil and thanks to that greater penetration through the soil
  • The coil is perfectly temperature balanced and can maintain its values in a wide thermal spectrum
  • The probe is waterproof
  • Probe cover included

The weight of the probe is 480g.

Reach table given by the manufacturer, Detech ltd.

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