Ebinger SC 900 Ebinger through gate

The SC 900 Ebinger through gate is the cheapest from the model line of the German company Ebinger . However, the parameters are easily surpassed by a number of competing devices.

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Price without VAT: €4,264.43
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  • Multi-zone design, 9 real detection zones
  • Ten adjustable sensitivity levels, each with 246 steps
  • Emergency power supply; up to 4 hours of operation after power failure
  • Easy pass-through gate setup
  • RS-232 interface
  • To provide access to the control 4-digit PIN code
  • The price is without assembly. The price of assembly, including transport in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is CZK 5,000 with VAT

Basic information

Ebinger is the largest manufacturer of detection technology in the GDR and the European leader in the field of security metal detectors. All detectors are manufactured in the GDR, including components. The devices meet all international standards (NILECJ) L1-3 / IP 53 / IEC 348-0601 class 1 in accordance with CE, ISO certification and also NATO certification. The SC 900 pass-through gate is very universal and at the same time offers high performance. The signal display varies depending on the size of the subject, and is very fast.

Theoretically, it would be possible to check up to 60 people per minute. The use of the gate is very simple, especially thanks to the automatic calibration function. You literally just turn it on and the device can work. The design of the gate is very compact and allows easy handling. The gate is thus also suitable for more frequent carrying or further manipulation. Any assembly and disassembly does not take more than 15 minutes. The gateway control panel is lockable and additionally protected by a 4-digit PIN code against unauthorized access.

Ebinger SC 900 pass-through gate

Technical description of the Ebinger SC 900 gate

The SC 900 has extended uniform detection fields, which consist of horizontal and vertical surfaces. The sensitivity setting of the individual fields can be adjusted so that you can always solve your current needs. The detected suspicious object will be clearly displayed in the given detection zone, both on the control panel and on the very panel of the gateway. This makes the security staff very easy to work on during the next inspection. All technology used in the SC 900 is controlled by an advanced microprocessor and is purely digital.

Power voltage 230V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption Standby mode 10W, operation 20W
Battery power Approximately 4 hours of operation
Temperature range -20 ° C to + 70 ° C
Mass 65 kg
Dimensions of transport boxes 2pcs: 1. 560x260x2260
  2. 220x210x1050


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