Rechargeable battery GP ReCyko+ NiMH 200 mAh 8.4V

Rechargeable battery GP ReCyko+ 200 mAh 8.4V does not self-discharge and can therefore be used at any time

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Rechargeable battery GP ReCyko+ 200 mAh 8.4V does not self-discharge and can therefore be used at any time

The ReCyko+ 200mAh 8.4V NiMH rechargeable batteries are new on the market, they are always ready to use - pre-charged from the factory. The new GP ReCyko+ Pro technology delivers very low self-discharge. After 12 months of non-use they remain charged to 80%. This is a major advantage over conventional NiMH batteries which have a much higher self-discharge rate. GP ReCyko+ Pro are suitable for all applications, from low to high load (from remote control to metal detector).


Battery size 9 V
chemical composition NiMH
category/grade ReCyko
rechargeable yes

Other parameters

Capacity 200 mAh
voltage 8,4 V
Type 6HR61 9 V (1604)
operating temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
number of charging cycles more than 1,000
weight 42,5 g
max. shelf life not applicable
brand GP
size 26,5 × 15,7 × 48,5 mm
sales packaging 1 piece, carton box

Rechargeable battery GP ReCyko

Have charged and reliable batteries on hand exactly when you need them. Achieve financial savings with them, plus reduce the carbon footprint you leave behind by using them. Sounds like an unattainable combination of requirements. But the rechargeable batteries GP ReCyko can easily meet all these requirements.

The new generation of ReCyko batteries, which includes a wide range of products for both casual and professional for a wide range of applications, delivers even better performance and is environmentally friendly. Combined with ReCyko smart chargers, you achieve a unique charging concept. Thanks to all these advantages , you save both nature and your wallet by using ReCyko batteries.

Superior endurance

The GP ReCyko rechargeable battery boasts extremely high battery life. It is one of thehighest capacity batteriescommonly available on the market. The fact that they won't let you down even under excessive load makes them popular for a wide range of activities.

Saving hundreds of batteries

Using GP ReCyko rechargeable batteries is convenient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. In fact, the batteries will last you for years without diminishing their performance. Even after 1,000 charges and discharges, they retain most of their capacity. Compared to the equivalent duration of disposable batteries, you will save a considerable amount of money.

Ready to use immediately

Unpack the ReCyko batteries and use them immediately. You don't have to worry about charging them for the first time or worry about low performance due to long-term storage in the shop. That's because GP batteries are pre-charged from the factory, are among the highest-endurance batteries commonly available on the market, and have the ability to retain their energy for long periods of time. In addition, unlike other batteries on the market, they have the stated capacity after purchase.

Environmentally friendly

Ecology plays a major role in ReCyko batteries. More than 10% of the material used in the manufacture of the batteries is from recycled sources, which is currently the highest proportion on the market. At the same time, more than 94% of the materials used to make the batteries are recyclable.

But the manufacturer hasn't forgotten about the box either and holds its lead in this respect. In fact, the battery packaging is the first of its kind in the world to be made entirely from paper - so that it is fully environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The new generation of rechargeable batteries

The company GP has launched an eco-friendly generation of rechargeable batteries under the ReCyko brand, which use modern manufacturing technology and build on the success of previous rechargeable battery ranges. The ReCyko range offers even better and more powerful batteries with long lasting performance. After a few uses, they even provide slightly higher capacity, and therefore endurance, than indicated on the packaging. These batteries are ideal for everyday use.

You will appreciate rechargeable batteries at home and in the outdoors

Do you like to keep things under control? Then you will love the GP ReCyko batteries. This is because they are made to satisfy the high demands of their users in all-round use. You will appreciate their long life and factory pre-charging from the very first use. They will become your reliable helper in everyday use at home, but they will also support you in the outdoors, where you need my100% sure that they will supply power to your headlamp or any other device you need to keep close at hand.

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