Ebinger SC 61 Z safety metal detector

Security locator designed to search for the smallest targets. Use in forensic sciences, healthcare, jewelry industry, etc.

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  • It captures even the smallest pieces of metal
  • It determines the exact location
  • Visual and acoustic signaling
  • Dynamic search function
  • Lightweight and robust construction
  • Easy to use
  • Headphone jack

Detector description

The SC 61 Z safety metal detector is mainly used where high detection sensitivity and emphasis on resolution are required. Examples include regional law enforcement, forensic science or medicine. However, similar requirements for sensitivity also have, for example, the jewelry industry, where the sensitivity of SC 61 Z is highly valued.

The SC 61 Z safety metal detector is equipped with a highly sensitive probe. Its focus is designed to find the smallest targets, and their exact focus is often undetectable for conventional hand-held detectors. The dynamic search method ensures that the device does not interfere with ambient interference.

A longitudinal detector is used for fast scanning of surfaces. You can then accurately aim the object with the tip of the detector. You are also able to follow the shape of the object in this way. The construction of the detector is very light but robust and the device is designed for continuous use. You don't have to worry about any settings, just turn on the device and you can work.

Ebinger handheld security metal detector


The detector probe generates a weak low-frequency electromagnetic field, which is affected by the presence of metal objects. This change is processed electronically and translated into visual and audo form. The device complies with all relevant EMC regulations and industry standards (DIN VDE 08 448 part 4, European standards EN 50082-1, EN 55022 class B, IEC 801-2, IEC 801-3).

Technical data

  • Battery 1x9V
  • Operating time 15 hours
  • Temperature range -10 ° C to +55 ° C
  • Dimensions 26x40x370mm
  • Weight 220g including battery
  • Operating frequency 9.5kHz

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