Probe MARS MD Goliaf 2F Minelab X-Terra

The probe operates at two operating frequencies, 18.75 kHz and 7.5 kHz

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The Mars Goliaf 2F probe is designed to maximize the range of the detector. Despite its large size and reach, it does not lose its sensitivity to the smallest objects . The stability of the probe and the highly durable construction are very impressive. The probe is able to work on two frequencies 7.5 kHz and 18.75 kHz, which gives you even greater flexibility to the objects and location you are looking for.

Use the working frequency of 18.75 kHz when looking for smaller targets made of bronze, silver and gold. The operating frequency of 7.5 kHz is more useful for maximizing range when searching for medium and large targets. Switching is done with a 9V battery, which is used, for example, by all pinpointers on the market. You can see how easy it is on the video.


  • Coil type: 2D
  • Shape: round
  • Size, inches: 15 "
  • Size, cm: 38 cm
  • Weight: 740 g

Note - there is no need to cover or protect the changeover contact. He doesn't mind dirt or water.

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