Tesoro Silver axMax RDS metal detector

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Usage type For beginners, Universal, For coins

Legendary Silver metal detector from Tesoro , now with automatic Max Boost function to increase range.

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Metal detector Tesoro Silver µMax special edition - equipped with a probe 28x20 cm 2D RDS!

The new Silver uMax uses Max Boost technology and thanks to it has an increased range compared to previous types. It is thus a very good alternative to many digital detectors, which range up to CZK 10,000 in the classroom. The probe used by the "special" version is the same as for the Cortes and DeLeon models. The working probe, with which the detector is equipped in the special edition, is used by all professional detectors of the Tesoro uMAX series (Metal detector Tesoro Cortes, DeLeon)

The detector has a very fast response over the target and precise discrimination. You are able to easily capture even nearby iron waste stored colored targets. Also worth noting is the very low weight of the detector (only 1.1 kg).

The detector is suitable for anyone who is starting a search or wants to switch to an accurate analog detector. It is a universal device for searching for all metal objects. When using it, you will gain the right habits and learn to work easily with the signal.
For most professionals, an analog detector in the class up to CZK 10,000 is a better choice than a digital device. Which, of course, cannot be taken without exception. However, it is a simple truth that with a simple analog detector you do not go through and even in places with increased mineralization you do not get a skipping signal in your ears and an incomprehensible skipping response to the LCD for the eyes.

The most important thing you can expect from Tesoro Silver uMax is quality discrimination of iron and accurate identification of non-ferrous metals. Since this is a detector with a flat, modulated tone, you have the opportunity to get significantly more information from the detector's response than you might think at first glance.
After some time of use, it will be easy for you to estimate the size and depth of storage of the object.
Just as you will be able to guess what object is hidden under the probe.

Tesoro Silver uMax is intended for beginners and intermediate searchers who prefer stable detector performance and range when searching. Like the entire range of Tesoro detectors, the Silver uMax is equipped with the MaxBoost function, which in places with lower or medium mineralization will further enhance the performance of your detector.

Overview of functions

  • MicroMax Design
  • Precise discrimination setting (ED180)
  • Extremely light detector
  • Sensitivity adjustment with the possibility of using a weak signal amplifier at the end of the MaxBoost range
  • Headphone input
  • Automatic rejection of mineralization
  • All Metal and Discriminant search modes
  • Durable design
  • Adjustable detector length
  • Battery test
  • Built-in speaker and 6.3mm headphone jack

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequency 10kHz
  • Weight 1.10 kg
  • Working temperature from -10 to +60
  • Height from 98 cm to 128 cm
  • 1x9 V power supply (up to 20 hours of search)
  • New spool 28x20 cm 2D RDS

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