Service and complaints

Service and complaints

Our specialized service provides warranty and post-warranty service of metal detectors of the following brands:

  • Minelab (EU-wide)
  • Tesoro (Czech and Slovak Republic)
  • Nokta (Czech and Slovak Republic)
  • Golden Mask (Czech and Slovak Republic)
  • C.Scope (Czech and Slovak Republic)
  • Nexus (Czech and Slovak Republic)
  • Detech (Czech and Slovak Republic)
  • Bounty Hunter (Czech and Slovak Republic)
  • Nel (Czech and Slovak Republic)
  • Treasure Products (Czech and Slovak Republic)
  • Coiltec (Czech and Slovak Republic)
  • Mars (Czech and Slovak Republic).

We perform post-warranty service only for the Fisher and Whites brands.

Through our contractual partners, we provide warranty service for the Garrett, Fisher and Whites brands.

Our service technicians undergo regular training from detector manufacturers.

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Treasure Hunter is a distributor and the only authorized service centre of Minelab in the Czech and Slovak Republics

We provide all warranty and post-warranty service for all Minelab detectors, regardless of where the metal detector was purchased.

To claim the guarantee, you only need to provide a valid tax document.


Tel: +420 608 661 161
Tel: +420 731 102 713

Address for sending services

Detektory Mlejnský s.r.o. - SERVIS
Masarykovo náměstí 18
254 01 Jílové u Prahy

What to send?

It depends on the type of fault. If you are unsure, you can contact us during business hours at the above phone numbers. In any case, we ask you not to send accessories such as: rain cover, rechargeable batteries, guide rods (if possible, remove the control unit) in the shipment. This will prevent possible losses during service.

Make sure, in case you do not fill in the form below, you send the following with the claimed goods:

  • copy of the proof of purchase (if you claim warranty)
  • brief description of the defect
  • phone contact, where the technician can reach you if necessary
  • return delivery address + email, where we can send you the shipment number of the finished service

Thank you for following these rules, which will allow us to speed up our service process to your satisfaction.



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