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Coil cover 17 cm DD for detectors F75 and F70

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Probe cover 17 cm DD designed for Fisher F75 and F70 metal detectors.

Fisher probe cover 25x12.5 cm

In stock 4 pcs

Probe cover for Fisher 2D probe 25x12.5 cm

Bounty Hunter probe cover 25x12.5 cm

In stock 4 pcs

Probe cover for Bounty Hunter probe 2D 25x12.5 cm

Probe cover 20 cm Bounty Hunter

In stock 2 pcs

Cover for basic 20 cm concentric probe for Bounty Hunter ES metal detectors

Probe cover 25 cm Bounty Hunter

In stock 5 pcs

Cover for oval concentric probe 25 cm Bounty Hunter

Probe cover 28 cm for Bounty Hunter ES

In stock 5 pcs

Cap for 28 cm 2D Bounty Hunter ES probe

Coil cover 25 cm concentric for F-5 and F-70

In stock 5 pcs

Basic concentric probe cover for Fisher F5 and F70 detectors.

Concentric coil cover size 20cm (F2, F4, F5)

In stock 2 pcs

Base probe cover for Fisher F2 and additional 20 cm probes for detectors F4 and F5.

Spool cover for models F-75 and F4 28cm

In stock 5 pcs

Plastic cover for DD 28cm coil for Fisher F-75 and F4 metal detectors, which protects the coil from damage.

Fisher spider spool cover size 27cm


Plastic cover for Fisher spider 27cm coil for 12xx and CZ3D series detectors.

Spider spool cover size 20cm for 12xx and CZ3D


Plastic cover for the spider spool 20cm, which protects the spool from damage. The cover is designed for F-12xx and CZ3D models.

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